Monday, July 5, 2010

The Long Weekend Comes to a Close

To call this a whirlwind 3 days is an understatement. I have been in the running to see how much I can get done marathon! My brother from out of state is coming this week for 2 weeks to celebrate my Dad's 92nd BD and though I will only be home occasionally I had to deep clean the house. And contrary to popular belief when you have other folks living in your house, THEY DO NOTHING BUT HIDE STUFF, so it's not seen. So onto what other cool stuff I have been doing. I am not a big tattoo fan at all but the art these artist's create is amazing, so I bought a tat zine and made some gel medium transfers in my journal as you can see below.

I only screwed up twice, before I had the patience to let them dry completely before I finished them. Kinda cool. So while ordering folks around about cleaning certain parts of the house and supervising them to make sure they got done what I told them to do the transfers dried and I spritzed them and finshed them.

But alas the 3 days are totally gone very fast and I am off to the shower and bed as I have to hit the floor at 3:00am to go back to work. UGH!! Hope you had a great holiday weekend.


Cheryl said...

They look great! Delegating house cleaning jobs. Now that's the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

What a free and gentle spirit you are! Yes, you DID get a lot done. . .it's so hard when we have to put down the art and go take care of the guests. Hurry back!

Lotus said...

Awesome CB!
Love the transfers... See ya at work...