Sunday, September 16, 2012

Home Again

Back again. I had a crazy week beginning with Monday, as they canceled my flight in Sacramento and then I had to scramble to get another, so I eventually ended up with a flight out of Oakland getting me into Dallas at midnight! What a crazy Monday! The rest of the week was not too bad and there was no drama with my return flight on Thursday except that my car was in Oakland and we flew back into Sacramento. So the GM from Modesto gave me a ride home from the airport and the Hubs took me to Oakland to get my car Friday afternoon.  I am now tired but I get to stay home for the next couple of weeks. At least home every night. That will be better.
I got to go tour the Dallas Cowboy's Football Stadium this time. OMG!! That place is amazing and if you ever get the chance, please check it out. We got to go into locker rooms for the players and the cheerleaders. And they let us walk out on the field. So cool! Of course they did not tell us we were going anywhere special so I did not take my camera, which sux, but oh well. I am not much of a football fan but maybe I am a stadium fan. It was a very awesome experience.
I have been very busy with work, but I actually did something for myself. I wrote a How to Drive Safe zine.
This is one sheet of 8.5 X 11 copy paper cut and folded into an 8 page, 4 inch booklet/zine. I made it to prove to myself I could. So the top pic is how it looks ready to be read and here it is unfolded for copying:

I just typed up each page with an 8 point font and kept it in the size I wanted. So then I printed and cut out each little page to fit between the folds and stuck them down with removeable adhesive, and then took it to Office Max and got them copied. Very fun and cool. After it is cut and folded correctly it becomes the little zine in the top pic. There is no printing on the other side. I have always wanted to create one, but didn't know what to put in one. So since teaching folks how to drive correctly is my career, I figured I knew more about that than anything else. So, if you are intersted in writing one for yourself,  you can Google 8 page zine to see how one is created. There are tons of You Tube Videos on the subject. And everyone is a master at a number of subjects that others would like to know about and this is a great way to get people to read your writing on the cheap. Oh and if you are interested in wanting this one, let me know, and I will send you one.

I have an art friend that lives in Modesto and she gave me a brand new Kodak Printer today that she won at a scrapbook expo and never used. So we hooked it up today and it prints the pictures like negatives. Freeky, but great for journal fodder. Anyway I am hoping to talk to Kodak Customer Service tomorrow to get it to print correctly. It is very nice and wireless.

I actually went to Michael's yesterday for the first time since May. I found a $25.00 gift card in my console that I had forgot about and used it. I got a mini label maker for the Smashbooks. $11.00, not bad. I love those punched labels for journaling.

And the big news this week is I have pre ordered the new IPhone 5!! Ta Da! It should be here next Friday. My HTC Thunderbolt is so hard to keep charged now and with the broken screen, it is bugging me to death. So by this time next week I will be a complete Apple Junkie sans Mac Book. That will not be happening any time soon.

So that is the new this week. have fun and stay safe.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another $42.00 Crack

I cracked again. Just a little. Just $42.00 worth.

Well, it ain't my fault. Blame my friend Eva. She just had to tell me that Stockton had a new Hobby Lobby store that opened a month ago. So now you know why I cracked. But I got a few cool things.

 I guess since I have been out of touch, they have created 2 packs of Tim Holtz Distress Markers. And since Black and White are the 2 I use the most, I grabbed them. Also I got a Derwent Spritzer Bottle. It is larger than the TH one's I have. And above  these is a new waterbrush that has a plunger that  you pull the water up into it with. Cool!

 These 2 little packs of canvas banners, I could not resist. I need to get texture into my journal more and these might just do the trick.

 This was a great find. I love carpenter pencils, always have. My Grandpa always had one in his overall's pencil pocket. I thought it was great and because it was hard to sharpen because of it's shape even made it more cool. I will have to sharpen this one with the sharpener that came with it and let ya know.

This is just 2 pieces of 8.5 X 11" felt. Could not resist the peace signs and houndstooth.

Yep, you guessed it. I am flying on Monday back to Dallas again for more meetings and will return on Thursday night. I should be very smart with all of this knowledge I am getting lately.

So with that said, I will leave you now, as I must go and partake of a Sherlock Holmes Netflix episode as is now my nightly ritual. Hee!

Have a great week!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hey, I Am Famous!

Erin Perry whom I spoke of meeting last week in Morro Bay featured me on her blog today. Cool! I am famous. Go to her blog, Altered by the Sea!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back Again

Yep, I skipped posting for a couple of weeks. I made it back from Texas but getting ready to go back to Texas on the 10th again! Grrr!

Last week I was in beautiful Morro Bay for work and to cool off, and to meet the wonderful and very talented Erin Perry. She is super nice and creates beautiful journals. She is featured in the latest Somerset Studio with a piece inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. Her piece is great!!

 Also, while I was in Morro Bay, the GM that works for us there told me that her son was at Burning Man this last week in Nevada and then showed me his 2 Steampunk Car Fins that he created 10 years ago when he was like 15. WOW!! They are amazing.
Yesterday I went on a road trip. I drove to the BART Station in Dublin-Pleasanton with my room mate and he helped me ride Bart, which was new to me and also ride the Muni Train to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for a Zine Fest!!!!! OMG!! I had a blast. I have always wanted to write my own zines and books, etc. I met a ton of great artist and writers. I grabbed a lot of stuff and only spent about $100 bux, including travel and lunch! See the pics below of my stash. Click on the pics to make them larger.

Zines, Stickers and Cards, Oh My! Plus 2 collage packs for my journal, I was not expecting. 2 large rooms were set up with vendors. And free admission. Most folks did not understand art journaling. Funny, that I had to actually explain it so much. Most of these folks are really into protesting something with their products. 2012 Hippies! Love it! There is another one in Berkeley in December. I am planning to go!

So now I am in the process of writing a small 8 page zine to teach fools how to drive correctly. I know the material inside and out and can't wait to get started. Oh, and I am learning how to draw bamboo right now. Sounds simple, but it had me stumped for awhile.

I am also going to get in line for the new IPhone 5 or whatever they are goinng to call this one when it comes out sometime this month. I broke the screen on my Android phone months ago and it is time for the best I can get since my job pays for about 50%  of my bill each month anyway. So soon I will post about another new baby. Woot!

Well I think that just about does it for this time. Stay safe, folks! I mean it!