Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation Haul, So Far.......

I am back again to show you what I have acquired art wise since I have been out and about.

First is this great wooden box of upper and lower case alpha rubber stamps that I found at a book and toy store in Missouri. Love! In the beginning, I was kinda bummed out because they were boxed in by a border, but after opening them I found they do not have the border! Yeah!

I am a pen freek as you know. So I could not resist these new Markers. First are Twistable Crayola Slick Stix. WOW! These things are the creamiest I have ever saw. They will blend with your finger. Next is the Crayola Twistable Extreme Colors Ultra Bright Crayons. OK, but they need to be used on white paper. Next is the Crayola Color Sticks. All color, no wood. YES and cheaper than Prismacolor Sticks for the budget aware group, but just until Inktense Sticks show their face! Moving forward; is the Crayola Dry Erase BRIGHT Crayons. These are for Black and White Dry Erase Boards. They are great for Black Paper. Hmmm, new journal Lotus made me............ And last is the Faber-Castell Gel Sticks. OMG, these are heaven also. I did not pay more than $15.00 for any of these.

OK now that concludes the purchasing haul for now. Remember in my last post I told you about my new art friend I visited in Missouri. Well, when I arrived she gave me my choice of 3 notepad covers with the note pad. OMG!! I chose this one because I am a grunge fan. The notepad is an inch thick!!Isn't it great? Love, love it!

And lastly is this great Domino that my friend Eva came by and made for me this week. She stamped the Teesha Moore image on white tissue paper with black Staz On. Next she used Alcohol Inks on the domino THEN she painted Mop & Glo on the domino, laid the tissue paper image onto it , brushed out the air bubbles, then covered it with Glossy Accents!! OMG!! It is sooo cool. My poor quality photo does not do it justice. It is beautiful! And I have a whole bottle of Mop & Glo to practice this. Hee!

I also found new Garbage Pail Kids Stickers, but forgot to photo them. Next post? Yea!
Off to Reno for the rest of the week = More Shopping!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Friend and a Must Have Book

Hey everyone, I am very excited to tell you all about a wonderful new friend I was able to spend some time with on my vacation.

Barb Owen is a mixed media and fabric artist that lives in Columbia Missouri. I met her in the chat room of Paula Phillips on Ustream. She lives about half way between Kansas City and where my son lives in Missouri. I went to her beautiful home on my way to my son's for a few short minutes, and then, again on my way back to the airport the next week.

Folks, this lady is simply amazing. She has a beautiful studio where she can create wonderful creations. But the best part I must tell you about is this:

Barb, with the help of her son wrote this book for the folks out there that has dealt with or will have to deal with becoming a caregiver for someone in their life, whether it be an elderly parent or someone else. It just became available in paperback, and she just finished the audio portion, reading it herself. There is an ebook in the works also, plus a website. Whew! Busy lady! AND she illustrated the book herself from her journals!

Barb has put her own personal experience in this project to help others. Please check it out on Amazon, or go to the website that she and her son has built,

Thanx for supporting this great lady that I am proud to call my friend and this cause. Unfortunately a lot of us will be there someday and the strength of this book will help us when we actually have to deal with this type of situation.

Thanx for listening.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Hey everybody, Just a quick post to let you know that I am home from the very HOT state of Missouri. Whew! So hot it takes your breath away and you feel like you are smothering at all times. Yikes!

Had a great time getting to know my two Grandkids, Austin Lee and Megan Marie, again as I haven't spent any time with them in 4 long years. Austin is named after me. Hee! A small puzzle for you. *wink*

My Grandson's goal in life right now is to be taller than his Dad!

And since he is only 15, I think he has a shot. What do you think?

Stay cool, everyone!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


OK I am up waaay too early! But have a 6:00am flight to Missouri this morning! Woo Hoo! Yesterday was DRAMA day of course because of the storm at the Denver airport that canceled my flight!!! Grrr!! Got it fixed, but OMG!

And I took a tumble in the kitchen on Thursday that almost put me off of going completely. DRAMA!! I am very sore, but OK to get on the road and suprise my Grandkids tonight:-)

Here is my Dad with my BD gift to him. 93 one dollar bills! Every year since he turned 90. He loves it. Right after this we took off for the casino where he came home with another hundred! Cool!

OK, I have got to get in the shower and get outta here!! BYE!!!:)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OMG!! How Soon Can I Get One of These??

You have to see this!

I found it on FB after Teesha Moore posted it!

Simply amazing!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Drama & Cool Stuff

Today is the day that my Brother from another Mother comes to stay for a couple of weeks because of my Dad's 93rd Birthday. Which also means that I have had to deep clean the house the last couple of weekends. Ugh! Because of my work schedule, I don't keep it up as I should and since NOBODY else living here see's anything that should be kept up, mopped or dusted, it just does not get done most of the time. So when we end up having company that has to stay here, this place gets fixed and cleasned! It also means that the entire sleeping arrangements must change also. UGH! Drama! Remember, I don't like Drama!! Enough of that!

I will post picx of my Dad when I give him his 93 one dollar bills on Sunday before we leave for the casino :-)

Today I woke up with what I think is some kind of an ear infection. It feels like it has water in it, so before 8:00am I will have breakfast at the Urgent Care! Ugh! Not a good time for me to be sick at all and especially when I am gone next weekend for vacation.

Check out this cool book charm my friend Lotus made me!! (Sorry Lotus, I could not get a good pic so I took yours!)

Here it is with the tiny 3/4 X 1/2 inch book opened! And she even wrote in it!

This girl is super talented!! This is the best!

I had better get busy if I am going to the Dr this morning! Grr

Oh yea, did I tell you that I leave for vacation in 8 days! Woot!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Need Therapy, Seriously

See Below......

Barnes & Noble is having ANOTHER 50% off Sale!

The owner of my LSS (60 miles away) told me that Copic is raising their prices in August! Ugh!

And SHE was having a great sale. Wendy Vechi Stamps for 60% off. And I found this great Rocket Age Paper!! Well ya gotta know.....

And here is an assortment I have gathered over a couple of days. Absolutely love the 7 Gypsy's Tissue paper. The Radient Rains Daubers at 50% off of course. And these cool watercolor markers I found at Joann's last week.

And new new magazines with all of the stars in them. Teesha Moore is in the new Somerset Studios! Had to have it!

But the biggest score of the day was finding the new Art Journaling magazine that my friend Paula Phillips, AKA Journal Artista is in!! And have you heard that her new Cloth Paper Scissors DVD is up for pre order here:

I had a great Saturday when I called my new art friend Eva that lives in Stockton to ask if she wanted to go up to Elk Grove to the Stampers Corner Scrapbook store with me cause they were having a BIG Sale! She said OK so I picked her up and sale-ing we went. Eva makes jewerly and is a more conventional scrapboooker but is very intersted in getting into AJ full swing. I of course will be there with the nudge button to help her along! She gave me a great assortment of old cards and some temporary tattoos and other cool stuff's! We had a great day, but the elusive Art Journaling Magazine could not be found! Ugh! So after a short nap and watching some of Paula's Ustream,, I tried one more tactic and called Border's in Turlock and the nice man said it was there. So at 8:30PM me and a room mate drove down and grabbed it! Success!

Now, if you know me well, ya know I don't venture out much after 5:00PM. There is a reason for that. Very unusual things happening out there after dark! Whooee!! And I saw them all last night! I will stay in, Thank You:)

The title of this post says it all! Ya Think?!?

Have a safe 4th. Please check back next weekend when the Family Drama begins!

14 more days till my vacation begins!!!! Woot!