Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Drama & Cool Stuff

Today is the day that my Brother from another Mother comes to stay for a couple of weeks because of my Dad's 93rd Birthday. Which also means that I have had to deep clean the house the last couple of weekends. Ugh! Because of my work schedule, I don't keep it up as I should and since NOBODY else living here see's anything that should be kept up, mopped or dusted, it just does not get done most of the time. So when we end up having company that has to stay here, this place gets fixed and cleasned! It also means that the entire sleeping arrangements must change also. UGH! Drama! Remember, I don't like Drama!! Enough of that!

I will post picx of my Dad when I give him his 93 one dollar bills on Sunday before we leave for the casino :-)

Today I woke up with what I think is some kind of an ear infection. It feels like it has water in it, so before 8:00am I will have breakfast at the Urgent Care! Ugh! Not a good time for me to be sick at all and especially when I am gone next weekend for vacation.

Check out this cool book charm my friend Lotus made me!! (Sorry Lotus, I could not get a good pic so I took yours!)

Here it is with the tiny 3/4 X 1/2 inch book opened! And she even wrote in it!

This girl is super talented!! This is the best!

I had better get busy if I am going to the Dr this morning! Grr

Oh yea, did I tell you that I leave for vacation in 8 days! Woot!


Lotus said...

blogger is not liking me lately. I am having the hardest time posting comments!
Glad you got the house done and I hope you have a great time with Dad and bro...
I think I may have the same thing as you... my ears are driving me crazy. Kinda like they're plugged after a long day in the pool... only slight pain every so often, but so aggravating cuz I hear even worse now than normal!
Everyone is making Dr. visits these past two weeks, so I have to be on hold.
Thanks for posting the book charm CB. You know you can always use my pix!
Although my head feels UNREAL, I'm still playing! Hubs is leaving me to myself (mostly)!

~Barb~ said...

Where are y'all headed on vacation? I know you have to be looking forward to getting away from everything for a while. Love the bookmark that Lotus made you...beautiful. Happy Birthday to your dad from me, too. Wow, 93...I'll never make it that far, ya know?
Peace & Love,

Connie Lutz said...

Very cool little gift! We missed you this weekend - everyone asked where you were. Hope your Dad's bday was great.