Saturday, July 16, 2011


OK I am up waaay too early! But have a 6:00am flight to Missouri this morning! Woo Hoo! Yesterday was DRAMA day of course because of the storm at the Denver airport that canceled my flight!!! Grrr!! Got it fixed, but OMG!

And I took a tumble in the kitchen on Thursday that almost put me off of going completely. DRAMA!! I am very sore, but OK to get on the road and suprise my Grandkids tonight:-)

Here is my Dad with my BD gift to him. 93 one dollar bills! Every year since he turned 90. He loves it. Right after this we took off for the casino where he came home with another hundred! Cool!

OK, I have got to get in the shower and get outta here!! BYE!!!:)


Connie Lutz said...

Hope you're feeling a bit less sore today! Enjoy your vacation and grandkids!

~Barb~ said...

Hey girl, I know you're not at home to read this right now but maybe you took the iPad with you. :) I hope you're having a great time in Missouri and away from the day to day drudgery! Have fun on your much deserved and much needed vacation.
Love that pic of your Dad, too...he looks super happy!
Peace & Much Love,