Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Need Therapy, Seriously

See Below......

Barnes & Noble is having ANOTHER 50% off Sale!

The owner of my LSS (60 miles away) told me that Copic is raising their prices in August! Ugh!

And SHE was having a great sale. Wendy Vechi Stamps for 60% off. And I found this great Rocket Age Paper!! Well ya gotta know.....

And here is an assortment I have gathered over a couple of days. Absolutely love the 7 Gypsy's Tissue paper. The Radient Rains Daubers at 50% off of course. And these cool watercolor markers I found at Joann's last week.

And new new magazines with all of the stars in them. Teesha Moore is in the new Somerset Studios! Had to have it!

But the biggest score of the day was finding the new Art Journaling magazine that my friend Paula Phillips, AKA Journal Artista is in!! And have you heard that her new Cloth Paper Scissors DVD is up for pre order here:

I had a great Saturday when I called my new art friend Eva that lives in Stockton to ask if she wanted to go up to Elk Grove to the Stampers Corner Scrapbook store with me cause they were having a BIG Sale! She said OK so I picked her up and sale-ing we went. Eva makes jewerly and is a more conventional scrapboooker but is very intersted in getting into AJ full swing. I of course will be there with the nudge button to help her along! She gave me a great assortment of old cards and some temporary tattoos and other cool stuff's! We had a great day, but the elusive Art Journaling Magazine could not be found! Ugh! So after a short nap and watching some of Paula's Ustream,, I tried one more tactic and called Border's in Turlock and the nice man said it was there. So at 8:30PM me and a room mate drove down and grabbed it! Success!

Now, if you know me well, ya know I don't venture out much after 5:00PM. There is a reason for that. Very unusual things happening out there after dark! Whooee!! And I saw them all last night! I will stay in, Thank You:)

The title of this post says it all! Ya Think?!?

Have a safe 4th. Please check back next weekend when the Family Drama begins!

14 more days till my vacation begins!!!! Woot!


Dale Anne Potter said...

AWESOME haul indeed!

PaperPumpkin said...

Hahaha, I also went to Barnes & Noble, Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels and scored a similar pile of goodies and magazines!!! Maybe I need therapy, too! ~Kathy

Kimber said...

Great finds Sharon! I'm envious, especially of the Art Journaling magazine.

Lotus said...

Awesome hoard, uh, purchases, CB! ; )
I hope you got done what you needed to get done before bro arrives!
I'll talk to you soon...

~Barb~ said...

You scored big time, Sharon! Now, any of those goodies you don't like, forward 'em on my way. lol
Peace & Love,