Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation Haul, So Far.......

I am back again to show you what I have acquired art wise since I have been out and about.

First is this great wooden box of upper and lower case alpha rubber stamps that I found at a book and toy store in Missouri. Love! In the beginning, I was kinda bummed out because they were boxed in by a border, but after opening them I found they do not have the border! Yeah!

I am a pen freek as you know. So I could not resist these new Markers. First are Twistable Crayola Slick Stix. WOW! These things are the creamiest I have ever saw. They will blend with your finger. Next is the Crayola Twistable Extreme Colors Ultra Bright Crayons. OK, but they need to be used on white paper. Next is the Crayola Color Sticks. All color, no wood. YES and cheaper than Prismacolor Sticks for the budget aware group, but just until Inktense Sticks show their face! Moving forward; is the Crayola Dry Erase BRIGHT Crayons. These are for Black and White Dry Erase Boards. They are great for Black Paper. Hmmm, new journal Lotus made me............ And last is the Faber-Castell Gel Sticks. OMG, these are heaven also. I did not pay more than $15.00 for any of these.

OK now that concludes the purchasing haul for now. Remember in my last post I told you about my new art friend I visited in Missouri. Well, when I arrived she gave me my choice of 3 notepad covers with the note pad. OMG!! I chose this one because I am a grunge fan. The notepad is an inch thick!!Isn't it great? Love, love it!

And lastly is this great Domino that my friend Eva came by and made for me this week. She stamped the Teesha Moore image on white tissue paper with black Staz On. Next she used Alcohol Inks on the domino THEN she painted Mop & Glo on the domino, laid the tissue paper image onto it , brushed out the air bubbles, then covered it with Glossy Accents!! OMG!! It is sooo cool. My poor quality photo does not do it justice. It is beautiful! And I have a whole bottle of Mop & Glo to practice this. Hee!

I also found new Garbage Pail Kids Stickers, but forgot to photo them. Next post? Yea!
Off to Reno for the rest of the week = More Shopping!!

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Cheryl said...

How did I miss this post? Glad you had a great time in Missouri. Great photos. Cool notebook.