Saturday, August 6, 2011

Too Much Stuff is an Addiction, Yea I Said It

Not too much to report this week, except I got sick from the heat in Reno last week and stayed in bed for almost 2 days. I am OK this week though. Ya just have to know when to come in out of the sun! LOL!

I have realized that my studio is a BIG MESS again. So I have decided to try to clean it up AGAIN. I did clean and purge some in January and my goal then was to organize my supplies in an orderly fashion so I could find them for one, and the room wasn't such a mess. That worked for a while until I brought in more STUFF!

Photos below: Please click on any to get a bigger understanding of this mess!

This is what you see straight ahead when you walk in. My computer area is a big mess, but I don't really see that as a hindrance to my art area. (in denial already)

This area is to my left if I am at the computer. This table is where everything lands that I drag in until I can find a place for it. WOW!! And I would like to get to my sewing machine again, you can see it at the end of the table, since my friend Barb in Missouri talked to me about how to sew on paper.

This area actually begins the arty side of the room. Books for ripping out images and an eye that is part of a pair of glasses that should be hanging on a wall, but no way to get to a wall! LOL

This is the area above my art table where I try to keep my immediate wanted supplies. Whew!

This is actually my journaling table. Well it would be if there was a space to actual work in my journal on it!

Now this mess is under a table. Extra stuff I have a hard time getting rid of. I just know I will need this someday for my art journaling! Yea, right!

This is under my journaling table. Magazines, books, etc for images. I must have 300 +. I tried to organize that too in January. WOW!! What a job! I just need to be more spontaneous in my journal and grab any magazine and use only the images from that one and no others.Almost done with the photos;

This catch all is on my right if I am at the computer. Every little nic nac finds it's way here! This shot is of the top.

This is the bottom portion of the catch all. I have TOO MUCH STUFF! But I love stuff!

A story: When I left my first husband in 1973, I owned a 63 Chevrolet station wagon. All of my STUFF fit in it in ONE LOAD. That was all I had of my own in 1973. No furniture, etc. I moved into a furnished apt. Friends and yard sales supplied the furniture, etc.

So jump ahead 38 years. What happened?? I don't know. But I do know, something must be done and soon. I am almost to the claustrophobia stage in here! LOL!

I need nothing new when it comes to art journaling. But I want to buy or feel I must buy every new thing that I see on the net! Call it hoarding, treasuring or whatever. I have an addiction to STUFF!

Have a great weekend while I try to figure this mess out!


Dale Anne Potter said...

LOL that you have taken these photos you will have those memories....downsizing is mind freeing. How about we go to each other's studios and clear some stash.

PaperPumpkin said...

I am SO with you on this! It is perhaps a curse of art journalers (and teachers, I'm afraid) that we feel the need to collect more and more stuff! My workspace looks like yours, only mine is smaller! Packed to the top, no room to walk....I MUST do something! Good luck to you! Kathy

Cheryl said...

You need help. Call 911. Seriously, girlfriend. It looks more like a library than an art room. Call me. I'll talk you down off this "high" and get you in a 12-step program right away. :)

Marianne said...

oh I feel your pain. I have been crafting since 1980 and I swear I own at least one of everything every made.....why why why do we NEED this stuff?