Saturday, August 27, 2011

Doing Strange Things in the Name of Art

Good Morning Friends! The above button says it all. I have been making myself get back into my journal and actually work in it instead of looking at it.

I will show you in pictures what is going in this CRAZY art room where I bury myself.

First I made what my friend Paula calls a flopportunity:

I found this super cool bird image in a bird book. I then made a copy. My goal here was to make it into a packing tape transfer. So I put the tape on it and because I am a little OCD, when the tape wrinkled, I freaked and pulled it off and the image became this:

OMG!! Is that cool or what?!? The tape pulled off some of the black ink to show the white underneath. A total Flopportunity! WOW!! But I still wanted some packing tape transfers for my next journal spread. So to the old National Geographics I went looking for cool images, and found these, that actually worked when I taped them and put them in water:

Very Cool, huh?

So at this time I am working on this Spread in Progress (SIP):

And the bird oops is there on the top looking waaay cool.

So the next strange thing going on is; If you know Less Herger from ComfortableShoesStudio, she creates the best small travel watercolor boxes out of tins:

So I have this cool car tin full of cinnamon mints I picked up at a vendors show once:

Driver's side.

Passenger side with hinge.

Open with the mints, that will have to find a new home. It is 3 1/2" long by 1 3/4" wide by 3/4" tall. Perfect for this new art creation?!? And a car is perfect for on the go arting!

I must give it a try, because I am, "Doing Strange Things in the Name of Art".

Oh PS: My good friend Cheryl was the ONLY comment I got back about what the heck is hanging between my diningroom and livingroom in my last post, even though she called it something I had never heard of and had to look up; LOL. Cheryl will get a little something extra in the package I am sending to her soon.

It is a Vintage Over Entry Way that actually had hung over the top of an entrance to a parlor in one of THOSE houses! I guess it had drapes hanging from it. Cool! It was a gift to me from my old boss and dear friend Pam, who died from cancer in May.


Dale Anne Potter said...

Bird transfer is COOL and that is AWESOME!
THANKS for posting to remind me to come check out your blog!

Cheryl said...

OMG! The bird is way cool! I'm so glad I won the prize even tho I called it a banister, I thought it might also be something that things hung off of, I just didn't know what. Never thought of beads. When do I get my prize? He-he-he. Talk to you tomorrow.