Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Day Weekend Stuff

Hey everybody, I was in my art room all weekend, working on cleaning and organizing mostly. But that is OK, So I won't post any journal pages this week. I will just show you what I have acquired this weekend.
This a 60's mail and recipe sorter that looks like a book when closed, that I found at an Estate Sale this weekend. I used it to put all of my packages of Rubber Stamps in, that I didn't buy a Tim Holtz Binder for. Here are a couple of more pics of it. It doesn't close good at all now, but I can live with that.
At the same sale I found this small binder that was used for a salesman to show floor coverings to folks. It is 4 1/2 X 6 inches.
I decided it could become a small "Stash Book" for me.
So that has been fun to work on. Because it only has 2 binder rings I had to adjust my 3 hole punch so I could punch the 2 holes I needed. It is not finished yet. Then I found out that Michael's has a new Martha Stewart Art section. So I had to go check that out of course, and I found this new fancy tape! And it was not MS but in the same aisle. Woot!
And last for this week. My good art pal, Paula Phillips, was published again in Somerset Studio's Apprentice Zine, so I had to have it, of course.
So that is the update on my busy life and 3 day weekend. I am still trying to diet and exercise, but it is hard, very hard! Right now I am sitting here posting this and eating baby tomatoes out of the box! Yum! But I am reallly wanting a Cheeseburger!! Grrrr! Next week I am off to Morro Bay right on the ocean to do an audit. YES! It is a very cool resort town! And I know where there are 2 used book stores there. I love my job!


Paula Phillips said...

Oh so much goodness in one post!

Dale Anne Potter said...

AWESOME Estate sale finds! Looks like you arted to me....LOL!

Lotus said...

Hey CB!
You can eat a cheeseburger! Just no bun! Baby tomatoes are the best...

Love the binder! Good start to the pages too! Can't wait to see it. ; )

Talk to you soon!

Cheryl said...

I love your post. You gave me an idea to use an accordian folder for paper scraps. I'm currently paper destashing. Want anything? I lost 2 more lbs. All I'm doing is waiting until my tummy starts growling before I eat. That's it. I swear. I've lost 25 lbs so far. I love your idea for the Tim Holtz stamps. Don't bother buying his binder. It's too cumbersome and doesn't stand on a shelf of normal proportions. I'm using a loose leaf binder.

Cheryl said...

When you go to the bay be sure to take photos.

~Barb~ said...

Sorry I'm just now getting around to know how crazy my silly little life can be at times, though, right?
Talk about goodies! Love that file/book thingy you found. Totally cool and can't believe I've never seen one before.
BTW, thanks for your know I love you back!
Peace & Love,