Sunday, September 25, 2011

Joy is......Knowing My Friends Are Happy

Hi folks, the above says it all. I am the happiest when I know my friends are happy. I have 3 very close friends that I talk to regularly and this week, all have been happy.

Eva came over on Thursday evening and played on deli paper, painting and stamping. She had a ball. But I did not take a pic of that! Shame on me! Next time I will remember.

I just read a blog post from my friend Cheryl and she has been happily creating this week.

And my good friend Lotus actually had a creative week.

So when friends are happy, so am I.

This is what I have been up to this week. Remember to click on the pics for a larger view:

Watching Eva make deli paper backgrounds made me decide to make some more. I was not the happiest with the one with the birds, but it's ok I guess.

I got bored with the deli paper quick, so began working on this spread using a piece of the new 7 G's paper I got last weekend. And that is certainly me hanging onto my computer for dear life!! I would be insane quickly if I couldn't surf.

So onto the weekend haul:

The paper is Teresa Collins World Traveler in a 6 X 6 pad. Love it! And got the TH Die at JoAnn's today with a 50% off coupon. Yippee!!
The fall napkins and the Hallowen Bottle Labels are from the 99 Cent Store. I feel I need to do a Fall/Halloween spread, and that napkin will make a great fallish background.

And last is these 99 Cent Store Rubber Stamps. Yes, I needed those for sure!! Yea right!
I also found out that Ross Stores and T J Max sell some scrapbook items, so I have been visiting them, but only bought one punch, cheap. A small star burst.

This weekend I also got a TV installed in my bedroom so I can watch some TV, since Hubs and the Room Mates watch the main TV all of the time and I don't get to see much of it ever! So I can pick up about 6 local channels. Good enough.

So that is my weekend and I will be south of here for a couple of days next week, until more Dr Appts drag me home again.

Till next weekend, color me gone!

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Cheryl said...

I love your pages and your recent finds at the stores. You really know how to shop, girlfriend! Thanks for calling.