Sunday, August 14, 2011

# 160 Is About My Shiny New Baby's

Hey folks,

Well, here I am writing this blog post on my new laptop. If you look at the previous post about my messy art room, you will see a laptop in the first photo. Well that one has crashed. Last Wednesday afternoon it gave up the fight to live. I believe the hard drive is kapoot. I went today with my most generous hubs and he bought me this one. Toshiba, 14", 5 lbs, cheap. It will do until I can get enough $$ saved up for a Mac. I had decided a while back that my next laptop would be a Mac, but Mr Dell decided that that decision must be eliminated and not thought about until a later time.
I have been using my back up, a Gateway Netbook since Thursday and I must say, I was losing my mind a "little" at a time. Just can't do it. (Kudo's to you Cheryl, that you can). Just too small for my old tired eyes.

Then later today, I had a 25% off anything, even sale items for Michael's and while driving there and taking a route I never take to go there, lo and behold I saw a camera in the street. Pulled over, room mate ran and got it before it got run over. It is a Canon Powershot SX120is, 10 mega pixels and 10X Optical Zoom. Not fancy, but I believe better than my Sony point and shoot that I use. There was an sd card with pictures of houses for sale that I guess a real estate agent was taking. Guess they laid it on the top of their car and drove off.

Sad Story!

If you follow Mary Ann Moss at you already know this. Her cat Buck was killed this week from 2 Pit Bulls and Mary Ann was there to witness his demise. She has been posting pictures of Buck and telling stories about him this week. Too bad! People, don't let your animals run loose if they are in danger of getting hurt or killed. OR, if your animals will attack and hurt or kill another animal. My heart has been aching all week since I read this. Just too sad!

Oh yea, only bought one small set of Tim Hotz Rubber Stamps at Michael's with the coupon. But I got the one with the pen nibs!! WooT!

So, I got a new laptop and a new for me camera, and an art goodie in one day. And now the excitement of going back to work tomorrow. WOW!! Hope I can hold up!

Have a great week everybody!

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Cheryl said...

You lucky duck! I guess I'm going to have to look for Tim Holtz at Michael's here. Are they on the aisle with the other rubber stamps? Yeh, it's good to work.