Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Couple of New Journal Spreads and a Stash Book

Hi all,

I have been a very lazy person recently. Seems like I have no energy to even do my day job very well. I think it could be because I stopped taking my One A Day Women's Vitamins when I went on vacation because I had ran out. So with not taking any for a month I bought some more One A Day Women's yesterday with an energy part in them. Hope it helps. I am constantly exhausted.

Enough whining, on to some photos.

This spread is about me finding the 2 "real" Post Secrets in a Post Secret Book in Springfield Missouri. Remember to click on them to get a better look see. The secret on the straw paper reads: "Today is the day. Go for it because I love you." My mind went to a few places on that one. Ha!

This next spread is about my new water buddy! This is the best tasting water because it is sparkling:) Aww, so refreshing.

I don't know for sure if I am completely finished with the Pellegrino one or not. Anyone remember the old Hamm's Beer Commercial from the 60's? That is what popped into my head about this. I could hear the Cool, Clear, Water being sung while the Hamm's Bear ran around. WOW!

I took these photo's with the Canon I found last week. I downloaded a User Manual to try to figure out how to take better photos with it.

Oh, one more:

Does anyone know what this is? Hee Hee! It is hanging between my living room and dining room. I will await your answer's and maybe send you a prize for the correct answer.

On to other matters. I want to make a Smash Book. I know you know what this is. K & Co just created this wonder recently. It is a book, and/or journal with misc paper in it for "Smashing" your daily stuff into, with a glue stick and writing about it. There is a You Tube Video out there about it. But I figure this is an excellent way to use a ton of my paper stash (and have an excuse to buy more) and use my Bind It All. I can pick the size I want, cut it, bind it and add fun magazine, book images, etc.

The original Smash Books are silly, But they have great cool accesories. Like, what I call a "Stick Pen" cause it is a pen with a glue stick in one end and a pen in the other end. Perfect for adding bits of daily fodder as you go and being able to immediately write your thoughts. They are really called "Smash Pen's".
I already know what you are thinking. Just carry a glue stick and a pen. OK yes, but this is made together in one body. And I could have thought it up years ago and be a millionaire by now. (maybe a thousand-aire? Maybe a hundreds-aire?)

Check out the video. I will be cutting up paper. I will call mine a Stash Book! Bye!

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Cheryl said...

Awesome post! Luv your pages. Hamm's the beer refreshing,Hamm's. Course I remember it. And often sing it. The jingle always stayed with me. I assume you mean the brown thing hanging from the ceiling/wall. It looks like a balustrade. Upsidedown. Or a lattice of some kind.