Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Have a New Art Journal Friend, Yeeeeeee!!!

Today was the besestt day. I met a new art journal friend named Cheryl and we had lunch and looked at each other's journals and talked like two school girls LOL!

We have much in common and I am so excited. And the best part was a couple of ladies were sitting across the aisle from us at lunch watching us and finally asked what we had. So Cheryl explained about art journaling. I told her it is,"Scrapbooking on drugs!" Anyway she told us she did some scrapbooking and so then Cheryl asked her if she made ATC's? She didn't know what that was, so we explained and to make a long story short, she might join Cheryl and another friend to make some ATC's.
Cheryl also introduced me to a new Scrapbook store in Roseville. Very nice and she even had a copy of the new Tim Holtz book, WOW!! I am line to get one for sure.

What a great day!! Thanx Cheryl


~Barb~ said...

You lucky girl! What I wouldn't give to have an art journal buddy here that I could hang out with and we could journal and create and just be silly school girls together. Enjoy! *Hugs*
Peace & Much Love,

Sharon said...

Hi Barb, I so wish you were close, so all od us could just be crazy together!!!

Cheryl said...

I had a wonderful day. I got to meet you and share my journals. Yours are gorgeous. I love what you do. And it was fun talking to those ladies, too. See you soon.

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

scrapbooking on drugs - that's just the best phrase ever!