Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joy Is........Learning New Things

"My name is Sharon and I am an Internet, Pen and Pen Storage Junkie."

This is where I am or have been this week.

I am learning Pinterest. And I must say I am not addicted to it yet, but I am addicted to learning how to use it. So if that makes me addicted, well OK, there ya go!

I AM also addicted to mark making tools, as most of you know. My art friend Beth is addicted also as this shot shows, that I took at our meet up this week. Great minds think alike:

And that takes us to the new 100 Pen Case I bought and received this week. First empty:
This one shows the pen flap closed.

This one shows the pen flap open.

Here it is with my Inktense Pencils on the lid loops and my Copic Multi Liners on the flap.

Here it shows the flap back and the inside filled with mark making goodness! And it will hold more.

And here is a shot of the case that I keep my very special pens in, as in fountain pens.

And the best part is, it came with this guy hanging on a key chain, attached to the case, with the attitude:

His name is Daniel.

How appropriate!

I have also been conducting a Study of Doodles, as you can see here:

I also found this book at B & N in the Close Out after Xmas sale bins for 2 Bux!!

Too Cool, since I adore Sherlock! And who cares if it is a new write? I certainly don't. Did I tell you I recently read one with him and Watson fighting the monsters from The War of the Worlds? Love SH!
I was given the new Stephen King Book, 11-22-63, for Xmas, but have not picked it up yet with trying to keep up with my LOA studies and reading The Hunger Games and now a new SH. I will, soon, but it might take me awhile. It is 4" thick!! Wowsers!

Oh and have ya been keeping up with all of the new Tim Holtz stuff that will be coming out of CHA this week?? Go check out his blog!


I am off to the ocean next week to conduct an audit and meet a new artist that had an art piece in the last Cloth, Paper, Scissors. She lives in Morro Bay and yea I stalked her in Gooogle after I saw her piece and it said she was from Morro Bay. We are meeting up on Tuesday afternoon with the GM of our office who wants to get into AJ! I have been slowly working on her over the years, and I may have now got her hooked after I show her my journals and we met up with Linda Ortiz. YAY!

Have a great week. Oh and go check out Ginny's new store.


Dale Anne Potter said...

That is a COOL pen bag for sure!
ENJOY your visit this week.

PaperPumpkin said...

Your pencils and pens and that case look like so much yummy fun!! I think I want to hold it in my hands...! The Italian Secretary sounds wonderful and that vintage style cover, so enticing... Aah, enjoy!

Lotus said...

Wow! Check you out CB!
Love the pen bag and the doodles you're working on. Sounds like you're on a mission to get everyone into Art Journaling! lol!
I wanna read your book when you're done! I love Sherlock Holmes stories too!

Cheryl said...

Your pen bag is fabulous. Love the ape with the attitude. Caleb Carr is a fantastic writer. Check out "The Alienist". Guaranteed page turner. Enjoy the water. Try to find some graffiti to photograph.