Sunday, September 20, 2009


OK I know I said I had not forgotten and I was going to be working in my NEW *wink* journal, but that work thing...............................UGH. So I have now decided to organize my off from the job time to time for art and journaling. EXAMPLE: 6:00pm to 6:30pm -Think about what I want to add to my journal. Ah I think that is too much time, so I will change it to 6:15pm. 15 minutes is fine for my brain to shift from work to journaling. So then from 6:15pm to 8:00pm, I will work in my journal. Since I go to bed with the chickens, this will give me time to do the end of the night stuff and be in bed by 9:00pm. Whatta do ya'll think?
I guess I will really have to actually try it to find out the answer. Now since I have to fly for this new shindig, I need a way to carry my journal stuff. I try to take only one suitcase to check and I have to be careful of weight, and my laptop backpack to carry on, the backpack keeps me from carrying a purse. But I also have a very cool journal bag I could carry also..............Hmmm, must think about that. I just hate the hassle of check in at the gates carrying alot of stuff. If I didn't have to remove my shoes, it would be so much easier for me since I am NOT a sandal person. *Sigh*

In the meantime, I bought a very new exciting book: Journal Spilling by Diana Trout. WOW!! It has the greatest techniques, and even a chapter on journal writing! It is amazing, get it from Amazon.

Until next time..........................have a great journal experience for me!!!!!


Aileen said...

Heeeyyyy Thanks for the birthday wishes Sharon! Now get journaling :-)

Anonymous said...

How time you tried to get a plan going... ; ) I saw her new book and it looks great!

Carry your journal with you! Take it out during your breaks and doodle! You can always go over it later. Jot your ideas and collage over the writing! Don't think so much.... do!

See ya later

Anonymous said...

How time?!? I meant, about time! lol.... it's the drugs... ; )

Apple said...

Just bring the bare minimum with you when you travel...a box of crayons/markers (whichever you prefer), a sharpie/pen for writing and maybe some watercolors...get the "kindergarten" kind and a brush that holds water in the barrel of it and maybe a magazine for ripping out collage. That's it!! You can create with anything around you!! I hope this helps! :)