Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow! I Need to Work in My "New" Journal

This is a pic I found this morning of a 1938 Grey Hound Bus. Very cool!! Don't know the manufacturer but it is cool anyway.

This is what I have figured out this morning........When my new job slows down a little, and I get back into the thick of journaling.........drum roll.........It will all be new to me again!!!! Yeaaaaaa!!!!! Just like someone starting out. This is a good thing. I just won't need to buy a gazillion art supplies, cause I have a gazillion already.

My new job makes me happy and it puts me exactly where I want to be, helping other Safety Managers get it right. Unfortunately, I get pulled into current issues when I visit sometimes, but that's OK. I can actually look at those with fresh eyes and mind and without any prejudices cause I don't know all of the players like I did in my own division.

Anyway, this morning I am heading out to a Safety Seminar to assist with getting all of the Safety Managers that attend on the SAME page!!! That's a good thing!

And today my Baby is 34 years old. Happy BD, Little Man!! Psst, he's 6'4"!! HA! But he will always be MY little man!!

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~Barb~ said...

Hey there long, lost stranger and my art sister in the universe! I see what work has done to your art journaling...almost the same as it's done to mine! I try to fit a little in everyday but some days just don't go as planned. I am just so glad that you're loving your job...that is so important.
Take care and don't be a stranger.
Peace & Love,