Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Win

This is not the best pic I can take, but I was in a hurry. So believe me I will repost soon. These are my altered clothes pins I won in a recent blog give away, thanx Aimee. Check out her blog
Today is Sunday and since we changed the time again, I actually got up at 3:30AM!! But I get up between 4:00 amd 4:30 everyday when I am working sooooo. But today has been planned for a few weeks and so I am up ready to go, but no one else is. That of course must change in a while. We are going to Sacramento to a car swap meet. What is so exciting you say??? Well first of all there is waaay cool junk to check out, among the rust and grease! I always find cool art stuff. But the big news is I am going to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento to buy art from the Art-O-Mat machine that is there. Happy dance......Oh you want to know what an ArtoMat is? First go to this site and check it out. But it is simply a genius idea of taking old cigerette vending machines and making them into art machines!!! The artists create great art the size of a pack of cigs and either put them into a cig size box or make the art onto a wood block the size of a cig pack, then they are wrapped in cellophane and put in the machines. You go visit a place that owns one of these, put in usually a $5.00 token, select your art you can see in the little windows, pull the handle, the art piece falls down and you now own an original piece of art. I have 4 pieces from a few years ago. So Cool. They call it "kerplunking" cause of the sound it makes when the art falls to the bottom of the machine. Please check them out. They are all over the US. You may have one near you. Funnest thing in the world.
Well, off to wake up my husband who had better be least about the swap meet.


Barbara said...

Hey! Thanks for drawing attention to artomat artists. Very cool.

I'm an artomat artist and love it. It's not for the money but for the love of what we do - make art.

You can check out my blog: to see some of my art blocks.

The Governess said...

You're on Sharon! Your Yes Please made it through to the top 5,lol! I'll be studying your blog just as soon as I write this! What fun!!!

Creepy Margaret said...

These are cool. I've never heard of art clothespins.

Chris said...

Isn't it cool to win a giveaway? These are very cute. I've never seen this before.