Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Weekend Scores

OK I finally made it back to show you all of my weekend find from the Flea Market. The Bamboo Stationary Set has a tablet with very cool paper, a bunch of envelopes and some other paper and a pen that does not write and it came in a great paper box.
I received my Zentangle Kit to learn how to draw Zentangles. This pic is from the web site, go and find out about the fun. It came with pens and the zentangle papers and a mini DVD on how to create them. Love it.
Next is probably the best. I found this book at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento last weekend. It is called, Antique Packaging by Josep M Garrofe. It has dozens of photographs of old packaging from Pharmacy to Tobacco. The pic I posted is from the Office section. It is so cool. I can't stop looking at it. Great for scanning for my journal.
I also went to my Law of Attraction Group meeting today. It is so refreshing to be around folks that are positive. I am around such negative people everyday, it is a struggle to just maintain my sanity. We watched the DVD of The Secret. I have a copy and have watched it alone, but it was very cool to watch it with others who believe in the LOA and be able to discuss the video with them.
I went to a yard sale today and found some findings to make some cool jewerly or to add to my journal.
And last but not least, I saw on Barb's Craft Therapy blog how she wanted to give something back to the folks who follow her blog. I love her art and understand how she feels because she speaks of the pain she is in. So I posted a comment to be included in her give away and told her about the LOA and how she could go about bringing positves into her life for her health, etc. She posted to my blog that she has begun to use the LOA................And that's how it begins.
What a great POSITIVE weekend.


~Barb~ said...

What awesome finds! Love the bamboo set so much! And the great book will give you some awesome copies to use in journaling. I love Zentangles...I never ordered the kit but taught myself instead, by looking at others work and learning the basics. I warn you, they're addictive. lol

The LOA are really common sensical, in a way. There is no room in your life for the positive if you've got it all crowded with the negative, right?

I'm trying.

Peace & Love,

The Governess said...
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The Governess said...

Hi Sharon - I deleted my other comment accidentally sorry! (Don't ask!). Anyway, I love the book you bought - it looks gorgeous. And I went and clicked on the zentangle link - wow, it's kinda like doodling and Escher all in one!! Amazing.

Ali said...

Hey Sharon! I'm loving the book too! Was inspired to put up the pictures of my button box bits after seeing your finds from the previous weekend!

Card nearly on the way... a bit anxious, it's the first time I've done anything like this!

The Governess said...

Hi again, Sharon. I'm at it again, lol:
...and I've got you to thank this time!!