Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lazy Saturday

So today seems to be a lazy day and that is OK cause I have to work again tomorrow on Sunday!! UGH! The winds are blowin' like Chicago here this weekend and I actually heard on the radio yesterday that we were having Wind Warnings! Wow, we never have any kind of warnings about the weather here. But it is blowing so hard I could not play with the spray paint outside. So I played inside with a makeup sponge and white gesso on my watercolor back grounds.

I went to a zillion yard sales today AND the flea market. Got some cool stuff. I also made an ATC as you can see and created my stencil binder. There is like 40 stencils in it, each in their own sleeve.

But the best part of this weekend......I went to Office Depot to look for cardstock and found a fan that is USB powered so it plugs into my laptop and blows in my face, keeps me cool and it only cost 4 bucks!! Very cool!! Pun intended!! And it is long like those laptop lights so if I ever do get cooled off I just bend it out of the way until it is needed again. HA! That'll show Mother Nature!
Hope you are having a lazy arty Saturday, too.


Cheryl said...

I really like what you did today. I like the doodling around the edges in the 2nd photo. I like the cover you made for your stencil binder. And the binder is a cool idea. A fan that plugs into your computer but sits where? I don't get it? Does it clip on the edge of the LCD?

~Barb~ said...

I had a good but full Saturday. No yard sales or flea markets for me...but I'd never find the goodies that you come across anyway. LOL

Love your pages, especially that first one. LOVE the stencils you've chosen to use in that one (and all the rest.)

Working Sundays sucks, I hear ya. *Hugs* and be safe!

Peace & Love always,

Ophelia said...

Found your blog today and I love, love, love it!!! So very inspiring and I really love your pages!