Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Stuff and a Call for Help

Please read my photos from bottom to top...sigh...

I will start off with the my new sewing "paper" machine. As you can see I actually did sew some practice stitches. Very easy when you slow down and concentrate. I will definately be doing lots more of this for my journals, and actually getting around to completing my Urban Journal.

So now I have added more photos and of course they are out of order, Oh well we must move forward.
The gallon ziplock bag of rubber stamps came from the flea market yesterday along with the Mark Ryden book. OMG!! This guy is sooo talented, I love his art AND I found it for $2.00. Woo Hoo!
Also I got a call from Stamper's Corner in Elk Grove that the Tim Holtz tape was in, soooo I went yesterday and picked it up. Yes it is worth the price and each roll is 16 yds. More than I will use in a long time. Each package has 2 different rolls. I made a 2 page spread with each type last night in my "Kelly" journal. Looks so cool.
And now for the news. My friend Barb and her family, has hit on hard times. She and I have been communicating as friends for a couple of years via blogs and emails, and she is the bestest kindest soul. Please go read her blog from yesterday and if you can help even a little tiny bit she will be most grateful. And if you can't "Chip In" please leave her a kind thought in the comments. Thank you!!


Lotus said...

Good fun CB! Love the sewing. Awesome stuff too! I recognize the artist now. He really is amazing. What a great find!
Loving the tape!!!
I read Barb's blog, but didn't have time to comment. Will do tonight. I hope she's okay. I wish I could help, but you know me right now... sigh.

Take it easy and I'll talk to you later.

Cheryl said...

Great pics, Sharon. Looks like you've been having fun. I like the Tim tape too.

~Barb~ said...

I just adore you! You have to be the kindest soul on earth, Sharon. Thank you for your kind words and for your help...I promise that it is not only appreciated but is helping someone who has worked really hard and is deserving (my daughter.)

But you should not be showing me cool products when I'm broke. You've got me really drooling at the new Tim Holtz tapes...and dang, you hit the motherlode with the huge ziplock of rubber stamps. Nice!

Peace, Love & Hugs,