Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day Job Stress, But I Haven't Bought Any Art Supplies

OK, so I decided last weekend that I would not be buying any art supplies for a while, and now I am into mid Sunday and have kept that promise. I have not bought anything art supply related in a week, except for one book, that I had to have. This one:

This has got some great collages in it. So I could not refuse it. And it was $17.99 instead of the usual $24.99 that most art books cost.

I actually have tried to de stress this weekend by working in my craft cave. It is a diaster. But I only got as far as throwing away some old Tim Holtz Ranger Dabber paints that were dried up and keeping the dabber tops to put onto my craft paints, they fit = YAY!! New working dabber paints! Pretty slick, if I say so myself:

My day job is now causing me even more stress than normal. The company I work for, lost our 10 year contract with the division that I have worked at and for, for the last 22 years. We will close that door permanantly in September. So because of that, I have been "gifted" with another division, which is in San Francisco. I already know there are issues there, and I am suppose to go in and fix the boo boo's. Great! I just can't wait. And the drama begins tomorrow morning. I have to be up there for most of next week. And since I am not much excited about SF, I am not very happy about this. Just more stress that I did not need.

Please send your prayers to my good friend Kelly Kilmer who lost her Dad very unexpected yesterday. I know that most of art journal community know Kelly. I feel so sorry for her and her family.

I hope that everyone is being artful this weekend.

I am out!


Cheryl said...

This book looks really good. Glad the dabber caps fit.

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

I love they guy who wrote that book. He sells his collages via a blog for $25 shipping included, google him to find it.

there is nothing so horible as work stress.