Monday, May 30, 2011

3 Day Weekend Art-complishments

Happy Monday! I can say that since it is a Monday and I am not working. Woot!

I have been doing some serious work in my art journal this weekend that i want to share.

I am using a Composition Book that I glued 3 pages together throughout to make it stronger. I am liking this. A little larger than a Moleskine, which is my first love, but with a larger surface to challenge me. And it cost me 25 cents at the back to school sales at Target last fall.
I still have to do some writing for this, thinking maybe something about falling in love? Or maybe something about having someone there to catch me? I will figure it out.

On this spread I used some new 7 Gypsie's 6 X 6 paper called Lille. I love 7 G's. I put a different sheet on each side. The word Abundance means so much to me everyday that I had to use it. The other sheet that says Life is Good, is another happy place for me. I added a bit of corrugate that I made with a paper crimper that I learned from Paula Phillips, my friend in Canada. Please check her out as Journal Artista on You Tube. She is the bestest teacher for learning the basics. She is going places, folks, I'm telling you. And I am glad she considers me a friend. I added the Lille tape to match. I still have work to do on this spread also, but wanted to go ahead and post them.

I took the leap and booked my vacation flight and car rental. It is done! I will be heading to Missouri in July to see my son and his family for a week. I have not been there since '07! I have not seen my Grandkids since then, except for a short 30 hour stay in 2009 when I had traveled to Iowa for work and we all met in KC for the weekend before I flew home. I am looking forward to it so much.

I am stopping in Columbia MO for a couple of hours on the way there to meet Barb Owen who joins in on Paula Phillips Ustreams on Wednesday and Sunday's in the chat room. Can't wait to meet her. I would also like to drive to OK City while I am out there, and meet Jonathan Manning, AKA The Artistc Biker, who has restored an old building to create a Art Studio for kids. I doubt if I will get there, but I certainly would like to. Since I am only going to be there for one week, time will fly!!

OK I am off thinking about a Monday Only Flea Market here, that I never get to go to. Byeeeeee!!


Cheryl said...

I am loving your journal pages and your adventurous spirit. How wonderful you get to see your son and meet new friends. I am happy for you.

Melanie Statnick said...

I'm happy to have found your blog. I've been working on a Art Journal between paintings. Your work is inspiring.

~Barb~ said...

I love 7 gypsies stuff, too....but I have got to stop buying new stuff and use up some of the stuff I already have. Well, for the most part. lol Love your idea of using the Composition book with pages glued together for stiffness/thickness. Awesome idea!
Peace & Love ya!