Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Have a "Treasuring" Addiction

OK there I said it!

I have a horrible addiction to Stuff when it comes to arty supplies! I must admit I have an addicting personality.

When I was young, I drank alot of alcohol. I beat that addiction 27 years ago without anything but my mind to do it!

Then it was smoking, which began at 16 or so in HS which had an open campus for lunch. Insert funny story here: Everyone smoked Marlboro's. They were cool because they had a brown filter. Well if you ever smoked in HS you know that you had none left after school, cause everybody bummed them off of you all day. You were NOT cool if you smoked a white filtered cigerette. So I learned very early on that if I smoked Kool's with a brown filter, I was still cool, but got to keep my smokes, cause no one else wanted to smoke Menthol's. And Marlboro's made my throat burn, I ended up always smoking Menthols End of funny story here! I beat that addiction 17 years ago again with nothing but my mind!

I have however never been able to stop the addiction of food, usually junk food that I was never allowed to have as a kid. I admit I am in love with Mickey D's, Sonic, Taco Bell, Five Guys Burgers, and anything else that resembles fast food! And this helped the cause of putting on 100 lbs when I quit smoking.

So you get the addicted personality of me??

I am also addicted to books. I must have thousand's of books in my house. I am going to stack up all of my art journal, drawing, etc, type books, take some pics of the spines and post next time. I am sure it will take me all week to find them all just to get a picture AND I also know it will not be just one photo. They will never fit in one.

So now on to the gist of this post. I went and purchased NEW art treasures yesterday, when I said I was not going to. I have an addiction, sigh....

Just how many different adhesive's do I need?? I am sure this is not all.....

These were gift's from friends, thanx Lotus and Cheryl. I am intrigued to find more of the Sakura Paint marker. See? Hear what I just said??

These two new books were bought just yesterday. There are 3 in the series of the little drawing books, but of course the other 2 that I bought before are no where to be found today for a snap shot! Agh! And I also am a sucker for book making/binding books!

And this is a little booklet I made from some cheepo file folders. Just taped the pages together with tape. This holds brain storming ideas for a special friend of mine that is in the middle of "just thinking" about writing a book. So without her knowledge, I am making notes and creating an outline for her to begin at a swifter pace. I know she doesn't look at my blog much, so I am not worried about her seeing this and putting 2 and 2 together. I will mail her this hopefully in a month or so. And I may do it anonymously, just to see what happens. This is just a nudge.

Well this has been a very long post. But I feel better and now I just need an addiction counselor appt soon for my "Treasuring" not "Hoarding"!!


Cheryl said...

I suffer from the very same malady. I think a glaze comes over my eyes when I enter stationery, paper supply, rubber stamping stores. How do I know it's an addiction? Because I let it sit there for the longest time before using it. I think there's a post in here some where.

~Barb~ said...

Oh Sharon, I share that addiction with you so deeply. I promised myself that I wasn't going to buy any new supplies unless I was completely out of something (gesso or something important.) But then I find myself living in the middle of a triangle whose points consist of Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joann's...not to mention there is actually an AC Moore not 20 miles from here and I've NEVER been to one of those! Oh my, it is so hard to hang on to my willpower in times like these. LOL
Peace & Love,

Lotus said...

This is why your true name applies, O, Aquirer, you!

Is it bad when I enjoy going over your house and checking out all the new stuff you pick up? Or the excitement on your face when you show me? lol...

As long as the treasuries don't push you out of the house, then all's good!

Sorry I haven't stopped by yet, but got busy! I'll call on Monday!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Great post! I think we all have addictive personalities to some extent. Congratulations to beating your alcohol and smoking addictions. These can't be easy to do. I know about 'Food Addiction' too and it is not so easy, eating can be such a soothing release at times right? LOL! Still soothing myself!
I also know about treasure addictions, I have just about as many glue items and journaling books as you I am sure! You are not alone! LOL!
Hugs and blessings.

Connie Lutz said...

Guilty - love bookbinding and journaling books, art technique books, rubber stamps, and art supplies. Not to mention, all the wonderful tapes I buy at every opportunity thanks to Kelly!