Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stuff That I Want You to Know

Good Morning,

I have been on a learning streak this past week. I am an educator first and if I am not in a learning mode 100% of the time, I feel that I let others down because I can't share my knowledge with them. So this week I have learned:

1. That if I keep my studio clean, I am more creative, and I want to work in my art journal all of my free time.

2. That I love "Newspaper Blackout" that Austin Kleon created. Here is one of mine:

Cool, Huh? It is cool what you can create from a newspaper or magazine and a couple of pens. Amazing! In case you can't enlarge it to read, it says: Impatient- people are growing impatient without peace.

3. Good News, my hubs found my lost Ipod Touch under the seat in my car!! (insert happy dance here). Since it was missing for 2 weeks and during that 2 weeks I bought my Ipad 2 and learned stuff on it, now that I have the Ipod Touch back, I know how to do things on it. I only used it for a music box before. I feel waaay more learn-ered and cool now. "My name is Sharon and I'm a Geek"!

4. Refering to number 2 and 3 above, I want to do this: Create Newspaper Blackouts on my Ipad:

5. On another learning trek this week, I discovered this project. Called, Before I Die, this is the best thing I have learned this week.

So I decided to tell you the 5 things I want to do before I die:

1. Before I die I want to: meet all of my favorite artists and have one on one instruction from them
2. Before I die I want to: become wealthy
3. Before I die I want to: not have to work a day job (see # 2 above).
4. Before I die I want to: see my Grandchildren often so I can be an influence in their lives.
5. Before I die I want to: Make a difference

So there you have it. Another creative week from my life.

Have a great Easter and I will hit ya back next weekend!


Cheryl said...

What a lovely post, my dear. I love it when you're in teaching mode. Happy Easter!

~Barb~ said...

I love learning more about you, Sharon. Oh, and you do make a difference...maybe not on a worldwide, grand scale but you have been such a wonderful friend and have made a huge difference to ME. :)
Peace & Love,