Saturday, April 14, 2012

Joy Is.....Being Safe From the World

This is what actually happened 30 miles from where I live in Stockton last Wednesday. Yikes! We don't see this type of severe weather much here, but this week it has been nuts. I was in Visalia 150 miles away on Wednesday and got trapped in a Michael's Store while it hailed, had lots of steak lightening and ton's of thunder. It rained about an inch in a half hour, I swear. I was OK where I was and continued to shop LOL, but other folks and their little kids were scared. I over heard one lady say, "I moved out here to get away from this kind of weather and it followed me." She was from the mid west. My DIL called and was freaked out when she looked at the weather channel and saw what was going on at my home. Crazee! I got hailed on yesterday out trying to buy an internet booster for this house. That frozen rain kinda hurts. It has continued all week. This afternoon it is actually looking better.

Also, when I got home there was sadness happening in Modesto again. A Deputy Sheriff and a Locksmith went to a condo to serve an eviction notice to the occupants. When they knocked on the door they were both shot and killed on the spot. So sad.

But there was some happiness when I got home and found my pre birthday happy mail from my friend Cheryl:

I really needed this book and always need new stencils and she also sent some copic markers but I put them away before I remembered to take a pic. Love happy mail! Go check out Cheryl's blog. She is having a 500th post give away.

Oh yea, and while I was trapped in Michael's, I found a yummy paper pad, by Jolee's Boutique. It is called French General. And all of it looks like old wallpaper that my Grandma had:

Since I can never find old wallpaper books at the paint stores, this is the next best thing! Yum! I love vintage stuffs.

And to top off the week I found a new 32 gig Ipod Touch on Craigslist for $200.00, so I grabbed it, cause I got my taxes back! Woot! Dans Dans!!

Have a great weekend.


Cheryl said...

The papers are yummy. The weather is crummy. And I'm glad you like your goodies. Happy Birthday! Yeah! Sixteen again, right?

Dale Anne Potter said...

WOW - that is crazy weather for your area for sure. Glad you were safe.
Lots of yummy goodies to be creative with.
Loving my iPod Touch - even have the ustream app with a chat on it.