Sunday, April 8, 2012

Joy Is......New Stuff's Part 2

First of all Happy Easter!! This is a wabbit that I drew during one of the many conference calls I must endure each week. Kinda different. And then I cut him out to go somewhere in my journal.

This past week, was extremely busy on the day job side. But I actually got to do some arty shopping also, as you will see here:

EXTRA EXTRA, Michael's is selling washi type tape. A bunch of different kinds. 3 in each pack, a solid roll, and 2 different prints. Cool! Had to have the bird on a wire. AND for all of you Smashbook folk's, there is new tape, the date tape in the middle of this pic and they now have Extra Big Smashbooks. My friend Beth bought one that is maybe 11 X 9" or so. It is fricking huge!

Besides the tape I bought pens, yea, I needed more. Those 50% off coupons are not my friends.

This set is Stabilo markers. I bought it at Aaron Brother's. It comes in this funky plastic case that folds out. They write over most everything so far. I have always used these in a fine nib set, but these are like a bullet type. Here is a look at the tip:

Very nice and the set is 20 markers.

I also had to buy another set called Zig Ball Markers.

I really like these. They write very smooth and so far I haven't found anything they won't write on. Here is a peek at the tip. Looks like a regular gel pen:

I was able to visit my friend Beth this week and she had this set of Prismacolor Pastel Sticks that she was not fond of so I bought her a set of the Zig pens and she gave the pastel's to me.

I still have to use them to draw a conclusion. Beth's take was they are too dusty and messy. She has extreme breathing problem's so these are a no no for her.

And then I went to Joann's yesterday at home and got this sticker maker for almost nothing with coupon's:


And so that is about it for this week. I will leave you with 3 journal pages I have been working on. The one with all of the writing is just me trying out new pens and markers.
Bye till next week. Take care of yourselves. I am off to eat my chocolate bunny!!


Lotus said...

Cool stuff CB! Happy Easter! Love the pages too. I hope you have a artsy day!

Cheryl said...

Your journal pages are the bomb. I like the one with all your writing the best. Thanks for the product review. I found out the closest Aaron Bros is almost all the way to Seattle. Washi Tape at Michaels. Cool! Lovely talking to you this afternoon. You still have time to enter a photograph of your house (hint hint) in WOTW for yesterday.