Saturday, March 3, 2012

Joy Is.......Trying to Keep My Head Up

This is a vent post, so if you are not interested, you may click the X and go on your way to other pursuits.

OK, The last week and a half have been HELL in my Day Job World. I work in the people transportation industry and have for 27 years. It is a very difficult industry since in my world, people can get seriously injured or killed when other people do not know how to drive a vehicle.

Think about how your driving experiences are each day you go out behind the wheel. Do you find yourself riding your brakes at all times and getting frustrated at the guy you are following because he makes you ride your brakes so much?? Do you??

Most people say, "I have never got a ticket or been in a wreck." I say, "Ya know why? Because everybody else has been dodging you, your whole life." They say, "I know how to drive." I say, "Yes, you know how to maneuver the car from point A to point B, but you don't know how to drive." And then, I add, "Correctly." "And you want to know why? Because you were never taught, that's why!" Usually after this conversation, folks shut up and at least respect me enough to listen for a minute.

You know the old adage, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people?" Well the same goes here. Cars don't kill people, the people behind the wheel, kill people!

Since everyone everywhere have heard and know about the recent cell phone and texting laws that have been put in place in the last few years, you also are beginning to understand that people do stupid S#%t behind the wheel of a killing machine.

I have been working hand in hand with the DMV for 27 years and I know that the DMV is a JOKE when it comes to teaching folks how to drive.....correctly. All they are interested in, is MONEY and Give me more MONEY!

Think about it: You go into The DMV to get a license. You give them MONEY, they give you a little handbook (HA) to read, you take a joke of a written test, (I will get to THAT in a minute), you make an appt to take a joke of a drive test. Now you come in on that day, drive around, use your "blinkers", make a couple of turns, change a couple of lanes, drive a straight stretch of freeway. Stop and go at a couple of stop lights and stop signs and you if you stop completely at the signs and don't run the red light, that you are sweating about, you are good and they either hand you a plastic card with your mug on it or you get a piece of paper that is a temporary license and away you go.

Now let's get back to that written test for a minute. In California, the DMV gives you back your written test. So think about how you actually studied for your written test. Did you actually read the handbook, OR did you, like most folks, ask your relatives and friends if they kept their old tests for you to study by? That is what usually happens so people only memorize which boxes to fill in to what questions and never really learn and understand the laws of driving.

Now that little book has a lot of good information in it but most folks don't read it cause the DMV does not make them.

This is where I am going for this post and then I am done. The DMV doesn't teach you how to drive, they only want your MONEY. Because think about it now. When do you actually get some kind of driving instruction, even though that is now a JOKE? When you make a mistake, folks! When you get a speeding ticket, for example. THEN you get some kind of instruction with Traffic School, if you don't want it on your driving record, AFTER you make the mistake!!! Not before!

And that is when you give the DMV MORE MONEY!

With the Internet, you don't even have to go to a Real in Classroom Traffic School class any more. You can sit at a computer and take your class. ARRRGGGGH!

OK, I feel better, but my point is this. Learn how to drive correctly! Pay attention to what is going on around you at ALL times. Do not talk or text while moving a car. You must not be distracted while behind the wheel, EVER!

I have been teaching people to drive, correctly for the past 27 years. If you want help, let me know. I will try to give you some pointers to keep you safe.

This is winding down, but the reason of the title of this post is that when our bus drivers hit other cars, fences, mailboxes, trees, pedestrians, etc it costs the company money in insurance claims. So my superiors are on top of me to get on top of the others below me to make sure they are teaching our drivers to drive correctly! There are about 1,000 drivers in my area alone. I am under the gun every Monday at 7:00am to tell the executives why my area had accidents this last week and what is being done about it. They expect me to know about the collisions BEFORE they happen. WOW! It may sound ridiculous, but in my world it is reality. And one of my co workers in my same position got fired this week because of not knowing.

And my 15 year old Grandson just got his permit this week so now I am stressed about that. AND one of my divisions are probably going to have a strike to deal with next week, so I will be driving a bus again. UGH!

Guess I had better know how to drive ....correctly, and try to keep my head up!

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Lotus said...

Whoa CB!
I'm sorry for your stress... I was surprised to see you at the station! I hope it wasn't anything serious here!

hang in there... what else can you do?
Talk to you later!