Sunday, March 25, 2012

Joy Is.....I'm Baaack

Yep I am back in wet and drooling California. Good meetings, good flights, claims a very exhausted traveler.

I did NO art journaling or took no photos while gone, cause there was no time. Up early in meetings at 8:00am SHARP! Completed at 5:30, taken to dinner by 6:00pm, back to the Hotel(fancy) by 9:00 to 9:30ish. To bed to get back up early and start again. The company owned my week. But I did have a 2.5 inch steak! Wowsers! Yep, I ate every bite! Yikes!

So now I have to digest all I was told last week and put it to use in my world. Great! Oh well.

Look at what greeted me when I got home Friday night:

This is all 3 issues of Less Herger's Zine, "Art Journaling, It's All Good", The Zine. This began in early 2011 and you could buy it for $5.00 as a digital download. I ended up buying all 3 issues of course. (It's called support, folks.) Well, everybody screamed, wanting them to be in print form without burning numerous carts of ink from their own printer's. So now Less has figured out a way for you to have the printed copy of each issue in one package. There are numerous art journalers featured in each issue, and ton's of great art journal pages. Go here and read the article and grab one, soon. It is 100 pages of greatness. I just hope she will be writing more someday, (hint).

I still have more pics to show you that I didn't include in last weeks post. I will begin with the stencils.

Ut Oh, Blogger has glitched and won't let me add photo's all of a sudden. So will post this and continue on a new one.

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Cheryl said...

A new zine? Coooooool.