Sunday, March 18, 2012

Joy Is.......Fun New Products

This past week, I have just been working the day job hard. But I have been working in my art journal some and making plans with friends for arty adventures in the future.

So first, I have to show you a new must have item I scored at the local flea market a while ago.

Never had seen one like this until I met my art friend Beth, and she had a side by side one. I love it. I immediately filled 3 drawers with rubber stamps that I never use since I couldn't get to them. Drum roll...I paid $20.00 bux!! Yes, I rock!

I have a new hero and have been crazzeee about Dyan Reaveley since I found out about her during CHA. I bought some of her new ink sprays. OMG!! I am in love. Not that I don't love Color Wash sprays still, but these are like brighter and more fun. I have been playing with them, with my stencils and having an inky blast. Here are a few pics of my recent bright colored pages. The second pic has been gessoed, the rest have not. Gesso mutes the ink colors to a pastel.

Beautiful!! I am loving the layers. I have also decided that my fave supplies for art journaling are stencils, pens/markers, tape and spray inks!! Woot! Please go to Dyan's blog and scroll waaay down until you can get a look at her pages!! Then Google her and check out her videos of demo's she did at CHA. You will love her too.

Here is another journal page I made a while back. First look at the entire page, then look at the close up of the writing I put on it in the left bottom corner. Click on it to enlarge it.

Hee Hee!! Yep, I'm a nut!

Well, ya know what this image means, if you have been following my blog for a while. Yep, I have to fly to Dallas next week for meetings for the day job that span from Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon. UGH! I am trying to stay positive, but another long term co worker was termed this past week, for a total of 2 now in my department. Yikes!!

Anyway, I will be glued to my laptop most of next week working, and will not be doing much art except maybe some doodling during the meetings to keep me awake!!

Have a great week!


Dale Anne Potter said...

AWESOME buy on that cart!!!
LOVE your journal pages - GREAT JOB!
Hope you are taking your journaling with you to Dallas - ENJOY as much as you can.
Safe travels!

Kimber said...

Oh, the sprays look fab! I love the "Alfred" page too. Hope you trip to Dallas goes well and is over before you know it!

Cheryl said...

Fantastic stuff! Dyan's sprays just came into Stampadoodle. I didn't know they were going to be so bright. I like them. Will bu them soonest. Have a safe trip and remember to check out the gift store at the hotel for cool napkins or other paper supplies.