Saturday, December 10, 2011

Joy Is.........Trying to Remember What I Learned Last Week

I told you last week that my friend Cheryl is doing a Writing on the Wall post each week here. Well this is another wall shot that is the inside back cover of my art journal. I will try to link it up with her Linky dealy bobber thingie when I finish this and see if I remember how to do it.

This week I traveled around Northern California quite a bit. I was in San Francisco on Monday, and Sacramento on Wednesday. But the best was when I would come home and find cool stuff in the mail I had bought last weekend, like these great Automatic Drawings from Less Herger here. Here is "Out My Ears",

This one is called, "Mind Infiltrated".

I drew this sketch from Less' Inspiration from those drawings, last week:

Then I bought some cool rubber stamps from Journal Girl

They are made from red rubber and came on a sheet and I cut them all out and used them so I could see how they stamped. Love them cause the lines are fat, see?

I am still working my way to the end of this journal, so I worked on this page by making a back ground and striping the paper off of a piece of cardboard and exposing the corrugate, then painted it black and stamped with it for journaling lines. Kinda cool.

The Saturday after Thanksgivingremember I told you that I went to a Indie Craft Fair. Well I bought this very cool sticker, from a couple that create their own drawings and are very talented;

And then today, my friend Eva came over for a while and we made some ATC's that I didn't take pictures of, of course, and we took them to the local art store and traded our's for a couple that was there and that I will show you next week. Remind me. But I found this cool tape while there, which is Kraft Paper Tape that was used in the back yonder days for taping boxes for shipping. LOL. The cool thing about it is that you can draw, sketch, paint or whatever on it and wet it and stick it in your journal. Cool.

So I am going to draw and write stuff, lick it, yuk, maybe not, and stick it places, like in my journal or maybe on walls.

Guess what? 3 more weeks of 2011 or another way of looking at it, 21 days left!

Gotta go! Have a creative week!


Cheryl said...

Oh, I remember that tape. I forgot all about it. What a trip! I love all the drawings and I like your version of Less Herger. Have fun trying to finish your journal in 3 weeks. I have to finish mine before I can start my new one, too.

You did an awesome job linking up to THREE blogs today. You're an awesome babe!!!

Dale Anne Potter said...

All wonderful GIFTS for yourself - you so DESERVED it!
Those drawings of Less's are AWESOME! and your version is FABULOUS!