Sunday, December 4, 2011

Joy is............Linking to Friends

Wow! Two posts for me today. No, I do not have a fever, hee!

My bestie, Cheryl, that lives in Washington has started a new blog thingie call Writing on the Wall that includes a link thingie to hook my blog to hers with a theme about writing on the wall.

So it just so happens that my # 3 Art Journal has two wall shots in it, so I will use that for this!

This is the inside cover of my current Art Journal.

You know, the one I am suppose to be working on to finish by the end of 2011!!

I have to go to San Francisco tomorrow for work. Maybe I will take my camera and take some pics of some cool City Graffiti while there.

Now check out Cheryl's blog, here, and have a look see.

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Cheryl said...

Thank you so much for linking up. I love the wall. I've ordered the book "Walls Notebook" from Amazon but haven't rec'd it yet. Nice talking to you today.