Saturday, December 24, 2011

Joy Is..............New Stuff's

Hi folks,

Another week has strolled on by and tomorrow is Christmas Day. I think I hear a very loud whooshing sound blowing past me trying to get to the end of the year to take 2011 into history! Whew!

Yesterday, I posted a Writing on the Wall for my friend Cheryl, but now it is linked to her last weeks WOTW. So please go here to see Cheryl's WOTW post for today.

Kelly Kilmer had a Journal Sale a couple of weeks ago, and I really have a hard time not purchasing her journals, so of course I got one, but I was good and only bought one. But this one was THE one to grab as it has 12 Kelly collaged pages in it! Oh yea, baby! Woot!!

This is the front cover.

And this is a shot of 2 collaged pages inside. Simply beautiful.

I know I have been talking some lately about completing Journal # 3. Well it was complete as of Friday. Here is a great pic of it standing up to show off it's completedness:

And now it is on the shelf with sibling's 1 & 2.

I began immediately working in # 4 so the blank white pages would not intimidate me. Here is a pic of the inside front cover, that you saw in my WOTW post:

And a shot of the first page, that I have already changed, but I am now too lazy to take another pic:

I added the BEST definition for Art Journaling on this page, I have ever found, thanks to Tammy at Daisy Yellow
I am going to get this memorized and use it. So my own definition; "You know what Scrapbooking is, right? Well, Art Journaling is Scrapbooking on drugs." will be a thing of the past!! Tammy has a great blog and ton's of ideas, and her Art Journaling 101 class is free. I simply love her stuff's. Please go there and check out her blog.

So with that, I will say Merry Christmas to you, and which will be quiet for me as we are staying home and I am making Spaghetti, and baking up all of the frozen cookie dough in the freezer that I have bought this year from the kids that needed the $ for school. I think I have 3 tubs, Yikes!!

So while we eat spaghetti and cookies tomorrow and you do whatever you do on this holiday, remember to be good to yourselves and each other and the next time you hear from me, will be with a New Years post of what I will be looking forward to in 2012!!

Stay Tuned...........


Cheryl said...

I love reading your posts. You're a hoot! Thanks for linking up. I love Kelly's journal and I love your new journal. Do you use moleskins?

Helen Campbell said...

Congrats on finishing and immediately starting a new journal. I really like what you've done. And thanks for sharing that quote, I love it.