Saturday, December 31, 2011

Joy is..........Having The Best Year Ahead

Hope everyone had a great Xmas. I did. I got a Kuerig Coffee Maker and I have been in a caffiene stupor ever since. It is the best!! I am having a most magnificient end to 2011. I am very happy and am looking forward to 2012. This is why:

This will be the year that I get out of debt, drive a new car, take trips, help my son and family, and a whole ton of other things that I will attract to me in 2012.

I have two good friends that are LOA followers and are go getters in that dept. One friend just told me last night that she attracted the exact amount of money she needed to pay off a couple of credit cards, and she received it in a check yesterday. Woot!

The other friend, I have spoke of often, had a great 2011 and is continuing into 2012 head on! These two ladies are amazing. I can't wait to hear what happens to them next. I have been reading and practicing the LOA head on since the 12th of December, so stick around and see what I will be yelling about the stuff that will be mine very soon.

On the arty side, I created this Inky Monster by dripping ink on the page and blowing it around with a can of air. I added the eyes and little sharp teeth to make him look like a Real Inky Monster.

I like him. He needs a name, though. What do ya think?

I am on my way out to the Nissan Dealership to test drive the new car I will be driving later on this year, that the Universe will provide. This one:

Isn't it cute?? Mine all mine!!!

I will leave you with this:

Happy New Year, my friends.

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Dale Anne Potter said...

I look forward to hearing YOUR manifestations!!!
How was the test drive???