Sunday, October 23, 2011

Joy Is....Stick A Fork In It, This Week is Done...Thankfully

Whew, what a week! Totally a roller coaster ride.

In Review:

I was south of here all week working at a division with a ton of Drama!! Grrr! I was conducting an Audit and found a few things that have to be corrected soon. Grrr! But while I was preparing to come home, a very serious acccident occured with a bus and I had to stay and work on that. Serious accidents/collisions take a ton of mental work to ensure that all of the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.

In the middle of that, I received a very sad text from my art friend Lotus. She texted to tell me her hubby, Danny had died that day! OMG!! And even though it was not a shock because of his health condition, it still knocked me for a loop. I love Lotus as a friend and we have talked so much about this day, and now it had happened. WOW! So sad for her and her kids. Please remember her in your prayers. Thanx!

Now on to the better news. I believe I have told you about my health with my very high Cholesterol, diabetes, being too fat and high blood pressure. Well, I had to go get another lab work done on Friday because I go back to see the Dr next Wednesday. So late Friday afternoon I received an email from Sutter Health that I had new messages in my inbox. Well my blood work was already back and OMG!! My Cholesterol was 299 on August 26th and on Friday, my Cholesterol was 199!!!! I have dropped 100 points in less than 2 months!! Woo Hoo!! You ask how? I have changed my diet as much as I can by eating waaay less carbs, very very little fast food, I did have one JIB Jr Jumbo Jack this week as I had not eaten since breakfast and it was 2:30pm and I was 150 miles from home, on my way home. I am trying to get into the exercise habit, but have only walked maybe 30 to 45 minutes since August. So the only major thing that I am doing now is taking Fish Oil and Red Yeast Rice twice a day. I was told by the health food store guy that these two together would bring down my C very fast, and it has!! It does not mean I get to eat like a crazy person again, because my Glucose was still high at 123. But it means that I will continue to take the supplements forever!! I was doing the happy dance Friday night and I am still dancing today!

Yesterday I went to a Craft Boutique in Lockeford to see my friend Eva since she was selling stuffs with her cousin, Martha. There was so much cool stuffs everywhere. I bought this from Martha as a gift for Lotus:

She makes great Rossettes from the Tim Holtz die.

Then I got these great bottlecaps fom Eva, cool huh?:

This guy is a magnet. Cool

And I found a vendor that was selling these great Hippie Duckies:

And they joined the other Duckies to become part of The Yellow Duckie Family (Journal Pals) that lives in my Craft Cave!

Wow that is actually a good photo. They look like they are looking up at the camera!! WOW! Someday, a how to take good photo's with a point and shoot class needs to be in my future!

Anyway, thanx for listening to my high and low week. Drive safe, stay safe until next week, my friends!


Cheryl said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad week with the accident and Lotus. good news is it's over and your C is down. Yeah! Love the hippy ducks!Does he make hippy turtles?

Dale Anne Potter said...

AWESOME news about the Cholesterol but sad about your friend. HUGS & Prayers for her & her family.