Sunday, October 9, 2011

Joy is...........Hobby Lobby is Open!!

Hey folks,

Yep as you can see above, our brand new Hobby Lobby opened Friday. It took our old Mervyns building that had been empty, well since Mervyn's closed about 3 years ago. They have sooo much cool stuff there. Tons of craft stuff but the home decor stuff is the best. I am in love!! I have went twice and only spent maybe $60.00, that's all.

Here is a new Halloween journal spread I have been working on:

I felt like I needed to do something for fall, and with Halloween around the corner, this felt right.

We went to the Stockton Flea Market today and I found an IPod Player for my desk:

Now I can listen to my music through my IPod Touch and not itunes which I perfer while working in my Journal. And the best part is it only cost me $7.00. And if you click and look at the photo, it will show you Matt Nathanson's new album playing on it. Love his new music. Woot!

The last weekend of October either that Saturday or Sunday, I am hosting a Play Day at my house for my friend's Eva and Lotus to come over and play or make art stuff or whatever they want for one whole day. Lotus brought it up, so I am crossing my fingers that she can come, even if it is a half a day. Eva wants to learn how to bind journals which Lotus can show her and I want to create my pen storage boxes. Can't wait and hope all goes well.

As you can see by this photo, tomorrow morning I am flying to LA for a week for a meeting with my Boss and the other ASD's. Can't wait to see the fancy new Terminal B at the Sacramento Airport in the morning. Should be cool. And just now, the hubs came in and told me the dryer belt broke! Great, now I have to figure a way to dry my clothes tonight!! Don't want to fly in wet britches. Yikes!!

So with that I guess I will get off of here and find a laundry mat. Have a great week and create some art, my friends!


Cheryl said...

I love your journal page. I recognize the TH tree and fence. I want to get the fence and the row of houses. I hope you have time to journal in LA. Try to visit Olvera St. It's a tourist attraction like visiting ole Mexico. Cool deals. Your play date sounds fabulous! Wish I could come.

Lotus said...

Awesome find CB! Love the ipod dock... I got to see the journal page and it's better in person! ; )

It's still a go for the weekend (whichever day)... woohoo!

I also wanted to say,that for some reason, Blogger doesn't like to give me updates on your blog. I've tried re-following you a couple times, but you're still not on my list... sigh. I guess I"ll just have to check every week!

Have a safe trip (if you're still gone! I don't even know...) and see you soon!

Lotus said...

O duh... you called... lol!