Sunday, October 16, 2011

Joy is.......A Full Week

Back from LA. Had a great time, even though it was work. Any time I am on the receiving end of learning, I am stoked!! And I got to come home a day early, better yet!

So now to the new Sacramento Airport Terminal B and some drama. First of all the new Terminal is amazingly beautiful. This 50 foot Rabbit Art Installation is amazing.

WOW! So cool. There are more beautiful art installations through out also.

Now to the drama. for those who know me well, you know that I travel for work and fly when I have to. I have never had any issues until this week. After learning my way around the new Terminal and getting to security, I got through only to be pulled aside to have my hands swabbed for ?? I don't know, gun powder residue? Oh well, it only took like 3 minutes. No big deal, no body scan, and no bag search. But when I was leaving Ontario on Wednesday to come home, again I was pulled out and this time, got the full body scan, pat down, hands swabbed again and bag searched. OK, wanna know why?? When the security guy took me and my stuff to the side, he unzipped one compartment in my back pack and reached straight down deep and pulled out a short 8 oz bottle of water, that I had no idea was in there and had been in there on Monday when I went through security in Sacramento. LOL! Very interesting Drama.

I just realized that October is my Twitter-versary. A whole year I have been keeping up to date with my arty tweet friends!! It is a fun thing to do. I am following 46 people and 161 are following me, but just like this blog, I only hear from a very few folks. Oh well!

New Toy:

I bought this Rotary Cutting machine on Craigslist this week. Cool! Says it will cut paper. We will see!

And I also found these:

7 Gypsies Tissue Paper. They are called, Keys, Frames and Silhouettes. Yes!

And this is a set of 7 Gypsies Steampunk clear stamps. Woot!!

And the best part of this week?? I stalked out a new art friend at Michael's. Hee! Anyone is fair game, if they are in the Tim Holtz aisle, making comments like, "Michael's just doesn't carry a lot of TH stuff." So I struck up a conversation with her, and found out that her name is Dee and she is a die hard scrapper that loves Tim Holtz!! She gave me her email addy and so I came home, emailed her my cell number, and to make a long story short, she called last night and we chatted for over an hour. She knows tons of stuff about everything but art journaling, so I have volunteered to guide her into this fascinating world!! AND she doesn't do drama!! Oh yes!! I love her already!! Woot!! Can you tell that I am a tad stoked! My name is Sharon and I am a Stalker. Ha!

I went to another Diabetes class Thursday night. I don't plan on having this disease very long so the more education I can get about it, the better to learn how to get rid of it faster.

Well that's all folks, have a creative week.


Cheryl said...

Fabulosity! Love 7 Gypsies. Why doesn't my store stock more of this stuff? Rhetorical question. Answer is: they're afraid of making MONEY!!?!! Hello!!!!

Dale Anne Potter said...

AWESOME finds and with the new ART friend as well!
And, it IS AWESOME to talk to someone on the phone with no drama....LOL!
And, YES, the disease will be out of here before we know it....still looking for a great Abraham video for you!