Sunday, October 30, 2011

Joy Is....Having an Art Day with Friends

Another week gone.

Only two photo's today, since I did not take even one pic of yesterday's art day!! WOW! I am lame!

But that just means we will have to do it again soon, so I can. Bhwahahaha! Yes I am evil when I need to be!

Friends, Eva and Lotus and new art friend Dee came over for a few hours and played. I put my Vagabond, and my air compressor out for my copic marker's so we could play with them.

I attempted to make my own decorated tape. First I taped wide masking tape to the slick side of freezer paper, then I spray inked some Color Wash over some stencils to make decorated tape, so here is a shot of that:

I am going to work on this again, since I want happy bright tape and this is more drab ucky tape, but it was fun to mess with.

My doctor visit went well this week! He was blown away with my lab work results. Hee Hee! He said whatever you do, keep doing it. I go back in 3 months and hopefully my glucose will be lower. It is not crazy high, but it needs to be under 100.

This was also my last week for the Diabetes classes I have been taking on Thursday nights. They were very informative. I need to sign up for the weight loss classes to get it in my head better. Maybe I will.

Just an update on my friend Lotus. Her hubby's service was this week and she is doing OK. I am sure you noticed above that she attended the art day. She finished a beautiful Mandala canvas that she had been working on and made a couple of ATC's for us. Here is mine:

The best part of yesterday is that Eva and Dee are not into Art Journaling, except for Dee who has taken a ton of Tim Holtz classes and so she likes the concept from that direction, but I am working on dragging them them to real AJ'ing side. You know, This is Scrapbooking---AJ'ing is Scrapbooking on Drugs! They will be AJ'er's in no time! Hee Hee!

Please have a safe and Happy Halloween, Bhwahahaha!!

I am headed back to LA next week for a training class, good for the class, bad for me to be gone away from my divisions for a whole 'nother week.

PS: 9 weeks left of 2011. Just thought you would want to know this.


Lotus said...

Wow Sharon,
I actually got an update on your blog today... first one in months! lol...
I had a really good time yesterday. I wanted to go home and make more atc's but realized that I left ALL my cutouts at your house... lol... not a problem! I'm gonna pull out my scissors and get to work!
Have a great week!

Cheryl said...

Nine more weeks? are you kidding me? that's all I get to make this a banner year? Oh well. guess I didn't make it. Love your post today. I'm so glad your art friends are multiplying. You'll soon have all of them AJ'ing together. Good for you! Talk to you soon.