Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sadness Of the Times

I am having a major melt down this evening and even though I am not going to put the particulars in this blog post, I have a very heavy heart. It is a Sadness of the Times we are living in that has caused these feelings for me.

I have been trying to keep up with Nanojoumo each day, but it is getting a little too much right now.

My job changed yesterday and even though I can handle it, it will take alot more effort on my part to keep going at the pace I like.

I need to get out of this slump and be happy for the reason of this post.

Good night


PaperPumpkin said...

Wiashing you peace. ~Kathy

Rita A. said...

These are sad times. Art, BlogLand, and friends will get us through.

Cheryl said...

I am so very sorry to be the cause of your melt down. We have become very close in the short time I've been here, I know. This is hard for me too, my friend.

~Barb~ said...

Oh dear friend, Sharon...I'm sorry to hear that things are tough on you right now. You know that you can only do what you can do so do NOT beat yourself up about NaNoJouMo in the least. Life happens (to all of us!) Sending you much
Peace & Love,