Sunday, November 14, 2010

Na No No Mo and Flop

Well work is almost killing me, so I am so far behind now, UGH!! But I did make a couple of pieces of journal art pages, but not in my journal. And one turned into a floportunity! Before Flop:

After Flop:

I was trying to put a rub on of ink running down on the top and instead of cutting what I wanted off of the rub on sheet, I was lazy and just laid the whole thing down and some of the other rub on stuck to my page. of course I freeked cause I actually liked this page. So I went looking for something to cover up the flop. Found a piece of an old paper tape measure, rubber some distress inks into it and used that. So I guess it is OK, but it was looking cool as I had added alcohol inks to some paper tape and stuck them on there.

So on this one I tried to continue the paper tape distress grungy looking page. This one turned out ok except for it being a little too dark.

I hope to get back to NaNoJouMo, but this week I am teaching a class 8 to 5 everyday, so will be bushed at night. Hey, maybe I will go on strike from my job for a week so I can just play, take naps, play, take another nap and play some more. But ya know what would happen? That week would be gone before I could turn around, way too fast, but maybe I could have some time to do some art.


Lotus said...

O CB, at least you had a bit of play time. I like your floportunity... ; )
I like the darker page too. Keep working on them.

Cheryl said...

LOL. You quack me up. I love your pages and your writing. Keep writing!!!