Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm Baccck and in the Groove

Made it home Wednesday afternoon. And even though I dreaded the trip, I actually enjoyed myself. The workshops we attended were the highlight for me because I am all over any kind of education. Phoenix was beautiful and never got above 85 degrees, so not bad at all. We got together in teams and built 25 wheelchairs that we donated to the Indian Nation whose reservation we were staying on. It was fun! Never would have happened if we didn't work together. Great experience.

This is what I have been doodling lately. I like it. I will add it to my journal as I measured it to the page size. It's all in black with a Uni-ball Signo RT Gel 0.38. Cool!

Please check out this: and sign up for Barb's Into the Groove Micro Workshop. It is wonderful for beginner's and experienced journalers alike.

And then go to Dawn Sokol's site: and have a month load of fun with "nanojoumo" each day of the month of November. I am on it!!

Hope everyone has a safe productive week ahead.


Cheryl said...

Very cool doodling. How'd you get the pic of the airplane taking off.

Lotus said...

What more can I say? I'm glad you had a good time in PHoenix too...