Saturday, October 23, 2010

ATC Trading

Hey folks, just wanted to show you the ATC's I traded for today at the local art shop I go to. The one of the bat is cut from a velvet board. And the post card on the right? That is the announcement of this year's downtown craft show for indie artist's called Hand Born. I missed last year so hope I can go this year. They have such cool stuff and this year there will be 50 vendors!! Wow!! I already feel lighter in the pocket book;-)

I am leaving in the morning to go to Phoenix for a 3 day meeting. It is for the corporate support side of the company, which means I have to behave and dress nicer. Grrr!! I like being me, just a good ole girl simply but nicely dressed. But when I have to attend things like this, I must become someone that dresses better and fancier and I am never comfortable like that. But I guess I will get by, and it won't do any good to complain. So I will be home Wednesday afternoon, and back to ME!!

Have a great week.

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Lotus said...

Hey CB
Great ATC's! When is the HandBorn event?

I hope you have a safe trip to Phoenix and back. Just enjoy the ride and know that at least you're not paying for it... ; )