Sunday, October 3, 2010

Journaling Classes Up the Kazoo

Happy Sunday folks.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and tell you about the fab classes that are going on right now.

If you haven't heard about 21 Secrets, please take a minute and go to Dirty Footprints Studio and check this crazy out. 21 different workshops with 21 different instructors like Paula Philips, Samantha Kira Harding, Dawn Sokol just to name 3. All of it bundled for $59!! It comes out to just about $3.00 a class. Tons of videos, PDF's, fun and enough classes all in one place to get a little overwhelmed but this IS the place to be at the moment for instruction! Click on the badge on my Blog and go check it out.

Also check out Barb's Craft Therapy blog to sign up for a workshop that begins on Oct 18 called Into the Groove. It is a Micro-Workshop, and only costs $15.00!! WOW! A great deal. Head over to her blog and sign up.

This is a page I used alot of purple on. I am not a fan of purple so I had to push to make it, but I like the way it turned out. You can see up on the right that I have added two tabs to a couple of pages. A tag and a bird.

This is a pretty good attempt at another collage jumble. It has another conference call sketch included. AND something brand new I just found out about this week.............I will let you figure what:)

Have a great week and be safe!!


Cheryl said...

Wow!! These are awesome pages but I can't figure out what's new. Is it the corrugated cardboard? Is it doodling on the tape?

~Barb~ said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my Workshop...I'm so excited about it. (And I'm doing better, by the way...will call you this week, just let me know what time is best.)
I love the purple journal page...not liking a color works well for you. LOL Now, I can't figure out the what's new in the last journal page. Hmmmm.....going back to study it some more. Love you bunches, Sharon!
Peace & Love,

~Barb~ said...

Yeah, it's got to be the tape. Love the tape with the spooky spider web up top so that has to be it. Right?

Parabolic Muse said...

yay! nice purple work. I have a love/hate relationship with purple. it can be really yucky. I like your tint of purple, and I love that lightbulb. Where did you get that?

I forgot about 21 classes. I'll have to check that out. I hope it's not time specific, because I'm way late...