Sunday, October 17, 2010

Artful Weekend

Had a great artful weekend. Spent yesterday with my friend, Cheryl, in Folsom. We hadn't been together for awhile so we caught up chatting, eating, shopping and then her teaching me about mono printing as you can see from this first photo. I had to choose blue as it is my fav color. Then Cheryl said we needed some yellow and gold and green luminares. WOW!! I know you can't really tell how shimmery they are but believe me they are! There is just something cool about smooshing paper onto alot of paint poured on freezer paper and making back grounds. Fun!

Another WOW!! Cheryl recently learned how to do Iris Folding and here is an ATC she made with this cool technique. And this other one she made the back ground look like leather. I'm telling you folks this lady is super talented.

I worked all week on making a few ATC's to trade and here are the rest that I had not completed from the last post. They are fun to make. Remember just ckick on any of these photos to enlarge them for a better look.

Cheryl works for a company that (I won't mention the name because I am VERY upset with them right now, but that is for another time) gave them new phones for their offices and so she brought home these super cool boxes that the phones had come in. They are 14" long X 9" wide X 3" deep just perfect for mounted rubber stamps, short tubs of paint, paper or a gazillion other things. She gave me 6 of them and so now I am going to begin to reorg my studio. I have too much stuff, even though I share with my two art friends, Lotus and Cheryl tons of stuff when I see them, I still go buy more. I am hopeless.

Hope you all have a great week.

PS: Kelly Kilmer is coming back to the Bay Area next weekend to teach some more classes and guess what??? Yes, you guessed it, I can't go because my work is sending me to Phoenix next weekend for a 3 day meeting!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? Just my luck.


Lotus said...

Ya, that stinks CB... not being able to see Kelly.
Love the ATC's! You're getting better and better. Love the monoprint paper too!

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, you are probably in Phoenix, but I'm finally catching up after my trip overseas and I have to tell you that these cards are rockin'. And you've reminded me to make luminarias and because I've not been home, I now have about 5 days to make them!!

get home safely!