Saturday, March 13, 2010

Travel Update

No Big D!!
I am not going to Dallas on Monday as planned. Instead I am back down in Mickey World in beautiful downtown Anaheim for a month, where I spent a month last summer in an outside office in the heat, UGH! But at least it is not too hot this time of the year and I have a real inside office this time, so hopefully I can survive. Can't ya just tell how excited I am??? But when the masters of the paycheck say, "Go youngin", ya go. I was looking forward to Dallas as we would be working on a program with Drive Cam, our coach surveilance system. The meeting has been changed until May 10, and that's if another fire does not break out in the meantime that I will have to go to. But that is the name of the game when you work for the support team.

I brought my journal bag with everything I thought I might need or want for a month so I can work on stuff in the evenings and Wal Mart is just at the next exit and I know where Target is from my last visit. I have a large desk in my room so a work space is no problem. Maybe I will make a Mickey spread because EVERYTHING is Mickey here so getting cool journal stuff is no problem!
So onto big adventures at the happiest place on earth, wait that is at the park. I am not at the park, just behind the scenes working on getting folks to the park. Have a creative day.


Cheryl said...

I'm sorry to hear you didn't get to go to Dallas for a week and now you're gone for four? Bummer. I am very glad to hear you brought your art supplies with you. Otherwise you'd go insane!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey CB... you know you have to hook me up with some "Mickey" stuff, right? lol...

I hope everything is going well. Cai came over yesterday and I ended up making all the journals I had ready for us. Long story.. will share later... I'll have more ready for you when you come back.

More pics too!

WingingIt said...

yes everything is mickey in that part of the world....cannot wait to have tea and talk creations with you next time you are in my neck of the world...happy travels my love