Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mickeyland Buses

Hi folks, I could not figure out how to get my pictures from my camera to the picture file on my new Gateway Netbook that I took to Anaheim so I had to wait til I got home to post them to my blog. So this is what I was involved in while I was in Mickeyland. We needed to hire, train and put 45 drivers in 20 of these, working from 8:00am til 2:00am everyday. We had 35 finished when I left today. Whew!! The lucky thing was another transportation company close by just had a bunch of budget cuts and had to lay off a lot of drivers and we grabbed them. They won't make as much money but this is fun!!! Pick up happy visitors from the Toy Story Parking Lot for 3000 cars and take them less than a mile to Disneyland. And pick up returning to the lot visitors and so back & forth all day and night. I had to leave today because I have an MRI scheduled tomorrow for my back. Not Good!! I need to get something done because I can't walk for long distances nor can I stand for more than 3 minutes without having spasms. I will let you know how things go. I am bushed after driving 6 hours to get home, dealing with Verizon to replace my phone that freeked out on me today and getting it to accept my emails. Long day. Off to my own bed!!! YES!!

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~Barb~ said...

What a cool job these new guys have...driving the Toy Story bus. Very cool. you are just thriving at your "new" job. I am so happy & proud for you. *Hugs*
Peace & Love,