Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Journey's End

Well of course Blooger put the photos in weird. I will come back to the first photo later. Just pretend like you don't see it yet. Well, here are the last 5 pages of my Moleskine Art Journal. I completed these last pages this morning because I stayed at home for a Dr Appt. I am so glad to say that I have actually made it to the end of this journey. I haven't said it is finished, because it isn't. There are still pages that are marked for reconstruction and a couple of spreads that I painted backgrounds on and left them that way. Please click on each one to see better.
But I am happy happy about this acomplishment. See the first photo of a new little journal that is so cool? I made that this last weekend with Lotus. Very fun, but it took me a while to learn how to stitch it. Word of advice; never try to learn difficult things while "Back to the Future" videos are on in the background. You will not pay attention to the teacher!! Lotus was very patient with me. The covers are varnished which means they are very shiny. Cool!
So in this small journal, I am going to try to only "paint with paper" as in collage only. No wet paint!!! Kelly Kilmer has an online workshop called A Life Made by Hand, using only collage. Fun!!
The Dr was not fun at all. I have very bad back spasms and now they want an MRI which is OK, I have had a couple but it is the laying for a long period of time on my back on a hard table that I don't need. Oh well, we'll see when the time comes.
I am off to Dallas all next week for a meeting, so please don't tell me about a great scrapbook store in Dallas, cause I will not have a chance to go. Car Pooling to and from airport only! Maybe there is a good book store at the airport. Have a great creative week.


Cheryl said...

Congratulations, Sharon! Good job! Have fun in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have to remember not to have the DVD player on when you come over... LOL... naw, I'm kiddin'. You did fine! I had a lot of fun showing you the stitch. Next time, we'll have to make sure the thread is not so long... ; )

I think the end of your moleskine is awesome! Great job CB!

tortagialla said...

Wow, great work - it's really an accomplishment. I love that circles black and white page too - such impact!