Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Mickeyland Update

Hi from Disney Crazy Land!! I am still alive but only working 7 days a week and not doing art!!! Too exhausted when I get back to the hotel at night except to fall into bed. I am down here for at least another 2 weeks. The weather is beautiful, the traffic horrendous, and I found a small scrapbook store nearby. That would be good if I could go check it out. I also found a Barnes and Noble and a Borders close by also. Woo Hoo!! The best news is I emailed Kelly Kilmer when I got here to find out where she lives and thought we could hook up. She did email me back, but said she lives 40 + miles away. She told me about a place called the Art Bar that is in Santa Ana close by that I want to to try to go to before I go home. Hope I get to. Hang in there folks, I will be back soon!

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Uilanikuulei said...

Sorry to hear you're working so hard CB. And two more weeks of that? I hope not.

Cathy took a cool shot of the bright blue bus they're driving. Can you take better ones? Her's are a bit blurry.

Take it easy