Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going in Circles

That is exactly what I feel like I have been doing lately. Work is kicking my booty. And it is not looking any better. I have to spend the day today with my Boss, and though I am looking forward to it for learning purposes, I just know it will be a challenge in other ways. Grrr!
Anyway, this pic is the last page in my journal. And i decided to go nuts, obvisiously with circles. It has been fun, I started this weekend, but now it is beginning to become boring. BUT, I will finish!
I am still debating on which journal I will start next. I am thinking another Moleskine, a watercolor one. Not as many pages but strong enough so I won't have to glue pages together.
A lady from one of my many ning groups told me that because each page is perferrated that they will tear out easily, which is true. But my firend Lotus told me to tape each one in the spine. Great idea, cause I have a TON of tape. So that may be the way I go.
I am picking up Tim Holtz new book today that I ordered. Can't wait for that. I won't get much sleep tonight as I will stay awake all night reading it.
And in the meantime, my friend Barb, has a special package traveling her way this week. On my last post I showed you some pics of two very large eye glasses that I got. Well she expressed an interest in them and so now the yelloow pair are flying to Alabama to find a special place in Barb's studio. I am so glad, because she is so excited to get them.
And so with that, I will go get ready for the day. Have a great creative Wednesday.


cgasque73 said...

Finish it??? I thought it was finish! Awesome work!!

Paula Phillips said...

I love this final page. The circles are so perfect! Good luck on choosing a new journal to work in. I find that it's the hardest part for me... I guess that's why I have two on the go. ;o)
Much Love

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I love the circles! What a lot of careful lovely work that was! All so perfectly placed. It was fun to visit to night and peek at your journaling. Can't wait to see the next one unfold!