Saturday, January 31, 2009

Starbux Addiction

Since I am such a Starbux Freek I saw this pic on Google Images and wanted it for this post.

Today, I saw where they are going to close more stores and 6000 more employees will lose their jobs. Although it said Barista's are safe, I wonder. I have a very good artist friend who works at one of the 'Bux in Chicago, and I sure don't want her to lose her job as she is working for the future benefits that she needs so desperately.

I am a Gold Card Member, which only means I get 10% off of each drink and sometimes I will get a special email with a coupon for $2.00 off of a drink. I love to go there at least once a day. I go for the atmosphere that I do not have at work or at home.

Mocha dreams.......................ahhh!!


Anonymous said...

Cool pix CB! I think most creatives have a Starbucks fetish, yeah? lol... Good to see you're still blogging.
Take it easy

Creepy Margaret said...

That's a cool pic on the cup. I've never noticed before -- seems like my cups are brown or green. Who knows? I wish we had a Starbucks with big couches or chairs to hide in -- ours in Sacramento are all tables. Enjoy the snow you java junkie!